Loving my Natural Breasts 1 Wk After Explant/capsulectomy Under General (After 11 Yrs. W/ 330 Saline) - Santa Rosa, CA

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Don't let plastic surgeons scare you....I had the...

Don't let plastic surgeons scare you....I had the explant last week under general, am feeling a million times better than before, and I love how my natural breasts look. Looking back at a photo w/ the implants from 2 wks ago, I now say, "Yuck, why did I have those?" I look much younger without them, and in my 40s younger is a good thing. My husband says they look really pretty...he prefers my naturals. This is the happiest I have felt in a long time. They look better, I don't have the weight I hated on my chest, one was sitting on a nerve that is now alleviated, and I look thinner/younger. Now wondering why I put it off....a no-brainer in my mind now.
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It is Dr. Elizabeth Peralta, not Ricardo...the site won't let me fix that.

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