Lumps, Bumps and Swelling! - Santa Monica, CA

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Within a month of injections I had what I thought...

Within a month of injections I had what I thought were"underground" pimples...which turned into an almond size lump on my cheek, and an oval of bumps and Radiesse over an inch long to the side of my chin and a ridge of swelling on the inside of my cheek next to my nose. My derm, who is one of the tops, isn't sure if it's allergy or infection. So I'm on a 6 week course of antibiotics and anti inflammatories. (sp?) There are other better fillers that can be broken down faster with a small injection. I'm stuck dealing with this for the next year !!!!!!!!!

Another check by Dr.... week two....

......More photos. Lumps and bumps are still there. Swelling's down a bit. Still on antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

Sorry to say nothing new.....

If you're thinking about fillers look into fat transfers. But you must find someone who is great with placement. Dr. K. Grossman in Santa Monica is super. (my experience) For the moment I still feel like I have a foreign substance in my face. Uck !
Big thumbs down for Radiesse !!!!!
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