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I am 5'1 ,109 lbs and I am fit yet petite. I...

I am 5'1 ,109 lbs and I am fit yet petite. I wasn't always like this. I used to be overweight at my heaviest 145lbs. Despite working out I still have fatty areas that were bothering me. I just did my first session of CoolSculpting for my upper arms, my lower abdomen and inner thighs. I discovered today that I have very low pain tolerance or no pain tolerance at all. CoolSculpting is supposed to be pain free, however working in medicine myself, I know everyone's experience varies. The massages that take place after the CoolSculpting machine is taken off, is extremely painful. Also, being thin & petite, the large applicator for my lower abdomen hurt as it was pressing down on to my iliac spine. I just hope that it'll be all worth it in the end and I'm praying that I am not one of the few that experiences that delayed onset pain. After the procedure I just feel tender, numb, & sensitive at the treated areas. I am currently wearing compression garments to help. Updates to follow...


So it's been over a year since I've undergone cool sculpting and the verdict..... Drum roll please. Yes, it works! The results are not drastic though... I'm uploading some pics. You can be the judge. My lower abdomen is the most noticeable. I know my body and I can say each area I have treated (total of two times) have decreased. I'm gonna do it one more time in the near future to get the last remaining parts for optimum results. This is not cheap by any means but if you consider the # of areas you can treat and for the price, it's still cheaper than liposuction. ( I found package deals).
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Mel, Rose, Jenn, were all nice & helpful.

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