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I am 5'1 ,109 lbs and I am fit yet petite. I...

I am 5'1 ,109 lbs and I am fit yet petite. I wasn't always like this. I used to be overweight at my heaviest 145lbs. Despite working out I still have fatty areas that were bothering me. I just did my first session of CoolSculpting for my upper arms, my lower abdomen and inner thighs. I discovered today that I have very low pain tolerance or no pain tolerance at all. CoolSculpting is supposed to be pain free, however working in medicine myself, I know everyone's experience varies. The massages that take place after the CoolSculpting machine is taken off, is extremely painful. Also, being thin & petite, the large applicator for my lower abdomen hurt as it was pressing down on to my iliac spine. I just hope that it'll be all worth it in the end and I'm praying that I am not one of the few that experiences that delayed onset pain. After the procedure I just feel tender, numb, & sensitive at the treated areas. I am currently wearing compression garments to help. Updates to follow...
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Mel, Rose, Jenn, were all nice & helpful.

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