40 Years Old, 5 Children and Nervous!

In 9 hours, I will be fulfilling a 20 year dream!...

In 9 hours, I will be fulfilling a 20 year dream! However, I'm starting to get cold feet. I'm afraid my implants will be too large on not big enough. Will the pain and recovery be worse than the 3 c-sections I've had. It's the unknown that's freaking me out.

I'll share my recovery process and pictures, in hopes to help someone like myself who is excited and scared.

Post Op

My experience was great. The nurse, anesthesia assistant and doctor made me feel at ease. I did not experience pain, only discomfort and nausea.

2nd day post op

I slept well and made sure to keep up on my meds. I feel great so far.

Pre-op and Day 3 Pics

Day 3 has been by far the worst. I woke up from a sound sleep in pain and nauseous. I'm experiencing constipation, bloating and fatigue. I started prunes and laxatives prior to surgery, in hopes in getting ahead of possible constipation. I'm hoping for some relief soon.
My breasts feel as though my milk came in. Very uncomfortable.
Santa Fe Plastic Surgeon

Honest, kind and experienced.

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