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Hi my name is Vicky I would like to share my...

Hi my name is Vicky
I would like to share my experience abroad; I decided go to Santa Cruz, Bolivia(South America) to have body reshaping.All my life I hated my body because I had those horrible fat deposits around my waist and in my lower tummy. I tried everything, diet, exercise, some special therapies, everything but nothing worked, so I decided to have plastic surgery.
I went to see 3 Surgeons in Miami but all of them where very expensive!
I didn’t want to quit on my dream of have a nice body…having a nice body wasn’t just vanity, was about an investment to me because I dance in a Club so I need to have the most perfect body to get the best clients!
While I was saving I decided to contact several Surgeon abroad but researching I found information about some Medical Tourism Organizations, which sound really interesting because they were offering all-inclusive packages; I heard excellent things about Cosmetic Vacations and Makeover Travel.
Makeover Travel was the one I chose and with no regrets at all!
Affordability is important but is really important to me Quality Service and Guarantees and also I must say that I didn’t want to take the chance to send any money to anyone before to feel confident with my decision and in Makeover Travel they never asked me for any payment in advance, which I really like.
I read most of all good reviews about them but what made me take the decision to go other than the qualities I have already mentioned to you was to see their pictures and had the opportunity to contact some ex patients. I think that knowing other patients experiences is extremely important, most of all when you are going to trust your body and the most important…YOUR LIFE!
I traveled to Santa Cruz on November 19th of last year, since the first moment I loved my results on my butt…to see the results of the lipo took me 4 months because my body looked very swollen for some months, but I am extremely happy now and this is the reason I waited until this moment to write a review about my experience; I would never recommend anything without being completely sure that is good, less if its concerning to health.
I can show you my before and after pictures whenever you need me to do it! I would love to share this wonderful change in my body!
I am getting more clients than ever to be honest and this really motivates me and as I said, this has been more than a waste of money an investment, so I am getting back all the money I spent ;) .
Even if everything was great I must say that I have some advises for you in case your decision is to use Makeover Travel for your Makeover.
I recommend you to stay in the Casa Blanca Hotel or Buganvillas rather than the Royal Lodge hotel, which is included in the package.The Royal Lodge Hotel is a nice and worm hotel with lovely people, but internet doesn’t work very well, which was a problem to me due to work and also because I couldn’t talk with my family on Skype as I would like, I have a little son and It was too important to me to was intouch with him and mom, who was the one who took care of him during my trip; I didn’t move because I went with the exact amount of money for my package and my stay but if I knew I would save a little bit more and stay in any of the other 2 hotels, where you can stay in an apartment rather than in a room which also would be excellent as you don’t have to order every time room service.
They cost like 50US extra per night, which seems to be a lot but believe me when you are recovering and you need internet and you have your own special eating habits, this is not too much.
Royal Lodge hotel is nice and for those who want to save money and don’t care about what I have mentioned, then its fine so don’t worry!I am just telling my experience and I give you these advises so you can plan you’re the best way you can; I didn’t know all this and I think that if I knew this I would spend an even better time during my recovery period.
Concerning to assistant I recommend you to ask for Monica Chavez, she was my assistant and I just love her, she because not just a friend but a person that now I consider as sister, she is not just beautiful as a person and is very loving and caring, she is really beautiful inside and you can be sure she will make you laugh and spend a nice stay!I didn’t meet other assistants but I guess they have several, so in case you have the chance to ask, I will recommend you to ask for her as an assistant!
When you live a trip like this and you are on your own and not speaking the language from the place everything looks complicated and you can get frustrated sometimes but what helped me a lot were 2 things:my google traductor LOL and Monica, OMG they were extremely helpful in this experience!
Now it comes my biggest advise, once you contact Makeover Travel ,make sure to ask if Dr.Lijeron is available for the moment you would like to go; he was my surgeon and I am extremely happy as I said.I know he does a great work!I don’t just say this for me, I saw many examples of his work in some other patients there who seemed to be very happy, like me, and because Monica, my assistant looked Gorgeous, I think this is the immediate example of his work!
They told me that he was one of the most important Surgeons of the Bolivian Misses and some actress and some VIP people, I saw pictures of it but I didn’t see any Miss face to face, just the other patients and my lovely and Gorgeous assistant which was more than enough example to me!
The Clinic is nice and clean, it is not like a US Hospital but is nice and clean ,just different.
Nurses were really sweet, the language barrier is a little problem but the traductor helps a lot and also the body language, which works everywhere in the world.Any way the stay in the Clinic is just for a night so it is fine.
Please don’t feel scared if you feel like a balloon during the first week of surgery and avoid mirrors, believe me those are you worst enemy after liposuction,because you don’t see an immediate change in the areas of your body where you had lipo…just if you have like me butt augmentation and you want to enjoy of looking that new you, then use the mirror LOL.Liposuction recovery is just slow that’s it but you will see the results week a week until a day were you will love the way you look!
The last advise is that you make sure that if you are going to pay with your credit card, you tell your bank first in your country, I had some issues with this, in fact I regretted not taking better cash with me, but I was so afraid to travel to a foreign country with all that cash that I decided to use my credit card even if I had to pay a commission to do it, but I should be completely sure that the bank knew I was going to Bolivia because I had problems to pay the surgery in the clinic and I had to wait 2 days before to have my surgery as I couldn’t pay the package, and even if they were lovely people, like anywhere in the world is important you pay before the surgery.
Other than that I just recommend you to visit:La Plaza 24 de Septembre and El Parque Guembe, these places are beautiful! Monica took me to La Plaza 24 the Septembre but I was to the park myself and she needed to work, but I enjoyed the place a lot even if I was by myself.
I didn’t go out a lot but I went to the next restaurants:
La Casa del Camba(Tradicional restaurant, which speciality is the meat,rice with cheese and fried yuca, which is like a potato).
El Arriero…this restaurant is close to the Hotel and is a wonderful Argentinian restaurant which speciality is meat as in all the Argentinian restaurants.
I went to a big Mall to have lunch like 3 times because they have a very nice and big food court which is not expensive at all so to change a little bit the food of the Hotel I went there.
The best restaurant to me was La Suisse, I love it!That restaurant is not really beautiful but the food is amazing, I had duck in a sweet sauce of a tropical fruit from Bolivia, called GUAPURU, I loved it!This restaurant is also close to the hotel, it is very well known for local people and also is a place where you will find a lot of Business people and some elegant people so be sure to wear something nice, I didn’t wear nice cloth and I felt ridiculous but I was there already and very hunger so I didn’t want to go back to the hotel to change my cloth.
I forgot something important, if you are a big woman like me, its better you bring your own compression garment because it is difficult to find extra-large compression garments.
Sorry the last advise, before you travel to Bolivia or any other country to have surgery, have your blood work done in your country and send it to your Surgeon or Medical Organization; I wanted to have 5 areas of liposuction and as my iron wasn’t really high I just had 4 areas, the Surgeon told me that it was risky to do 5 areas due to my level of iron. If I knew this, I would take iron sirup before coming here to be more than ready for the surgery but I decided to wait to arrive to Bolivia to do my blood work, terrible mistake, what I am happy for is that I could do 4 areas and my butt, with all these I feel I look the way I never thought I was going to look!
Well I hope my experience can help you, I think is important to know all the negative and positive things of a trip to be completely ready to live such an experience like this one.
Good luck girls!
I hope you can live such a nice experience like mine, even better than mine after all these advices ;).

Completely happy!

I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with my body shape,I am doing a lot of exercise and dieting to keep this body shape!
I forgot to mention I had 12 sessions of lymphatic drainage after my surgery to be able to heal faster and because the Surgeon recommended to have them to help my body to avoid fibrosis and obtain the best results.I started in Bolivia with an amazing woman that Works for Makeover Travel, her name is Maria(ask for her if she is available because she has amazing hands!!!), and after once I came back I continued here. I know not all of you have the money to spend in all the postsurgical things that are recommended but if you have it I recommend you to do it.

Love my body after liposuction!

New Pictures

I want to post some new pictures of me!I love my results!

My friend´s surgery !

Hi I am here again with my best friend! She is recovering now from surgery, I came with her because I wanted to look after her during her recovery period, after all she is my best friend and more than a friend is like a sister to me! She is in her first days of recovery period, she had her nose and breast done, we can not really see the shape of your nose yet but her breast looks amazing! She is happy and not in panic as when we arrive; yesterday we went to see the Dr.Lijeron and she has decided to have liposuction and her butt done, this woman is crazy! LOL but I support her because I know that Dr.Lijeron is an excellent Surgeon and that after all this experience, she will be very happy and will begin a new life! Our assistant has been wonderful! She has been very patient with my friend, you know that there are some difficult people in life…well my friend is a lovely friend but she has a very bad temper so after her surgery she has been sensitive and with the worst mood ever, any way I think that this guys are used to deal with all kind of people! I am happy everything went well! It has been years since Jocelyn wanted to have some work done, prices in USA doesn’t help… I contacted Makeover Travel and told her I was coming for the 3rd time with my friend, so they gave us a very special discount for her to have her procedures done!,now that Jocelyn has added more procedures, they gave her a price that in USA is impossible to get for lipo and Brazilian butt lift…I am so happy for her! I paid a good price but I am happy she got an EXCELLENT PRICE! We are staying in an apartment at the buganvillas hotel, it is more comfortable for us because we don’t want to spend money eating in restaurants all the time, we prefer to cook and eat healthy. Our assistant, which is a different one from my last 2 times, has been lovely!She has been looking after us as you can’t imagine! She calls several times a day to see how Jocelyn feels and she has been taking us to visit the Surgeon, she is very busy but is always smiling and always nice! There many patients here from several countries, just like the last time, so we are surrounded by people that look like mummies all the time LOL, its very funny!Some of the patients wear facial compression garments, other wear body compression garments which are hidden by their cloths but they walk funny, well a whole experience! But we have made new friends, that’s a very good point of this kind of trips. We are going to stay here for another week so I hope I can show you Jocelyn´s evolution or I can share somethings with you! I decided to write here because I know that its very expensive for most of the people to have surgery in USA so I think it is good that you know that there are other very good options and that not everything that is affordable means that has no quality! Southamerica in general is not expensive, of course that even here there are countries more expensive than others, like Brazil ,Argentina,Colombia and Chili, they are expensive but less expensive than USA talking about Cosmetic Surgery. I came to Bolivia because I found it the cheapest country and also because the Surgeons that work in Makeover Travel belong to the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Board but plastic surgery is cheaper than in Brazil as well as Hotels, meals, transportation,etc.. Santa Cruz is a small city but I didn’t want to go and spend more money than necessary in a place I wasn’t going to enjoy as much as I wanted for the beach or places where are usually for other kind of holiday! Here I came to save money and recover in a comfortable and private way! Which I think is excellent for an extreme makeover. It is a place that also offers you the opportunity to learn more about other culture, language, other kind of traditions and food and all of this surrounded by lovely and kind people!...I believe is just what is necessary for a cosmetic surgery trip. Well I will write soon, Jocelyn wants to go out and hang around before her second surgery so I will hope to be able to write you soon to tell you the end of this experience!.

Recovery period

Hi my friend Jocelyn is healing excellent! I am going to let you know what about her other procedures because I think she will have surgery tomorrow morning, everything depends on here blood work today, we have to see the Surgeon at 7:00pm so we will know what is going to happen by then.

My body after surgery! I LOVE IT!


Jocelyn is now recovering from the last surgery, she is very happy but swollen, which is normal, I was also swollen so I know exactly how she feels, it is kind of depressing when you look like that LOL but you know that is temporary and that everything will go away in a few months and you will see the NEW YOU!
For the moment its difficult to choose anything nice to wear because nothing really fits with all that swollen,less with the compression garment but its all about time.
I know that Jocelyn will LOVE HER NEW FACE AND HER NEW BODY!
This is definitely a new beginning for her!
I will ask permission to her to post some of her pictures, I hope she wants because I want to show you how she looks!

Loving the way I look!

There is a before and after my trip and my procedures! My life has changed and this is the new me! I love it!

End of the trip!

We are about to live in 4 days more, we stayed a Little bit more due to all the procedures of Jocelyn, I am so happy to see she her daily evolution! She looks beautiful, swollen of course but we can see a change!I imagine how she will look in a few months!I will write before leaving the country to tell you the last details of our experience!


We are about to live in a few couple of hours, Jocelyn is fine and ready to go home, some of her stitches will need to be removed at home but the Surgeon gave us all the instructions and a note for our family Dr. so he can remove this stitches.
For the moment she has just to avoid doing big efforts, wear her garments, avoid solar exposure and well she has to use a cream for the scars for some months…I know she will be very good as well as I was and she is already extremely happy with her results!
It was a very nice trip and the most important, we are going back with amazing souvenirs!
The guys from Makeover Travel were always very helpful and nice!I am happy to know that when patients come they make them feel safe, cared and loved! In other places people are colder and more interested about money, here people are more authentic and worm, I think it is the Latin touch!
Today we are going to do some shopping and buy some Bolivian souvenirs and then we will go to the airport.
I am sad to have to go home, holidays have finished?.


These are some pictures Jocelyn told me I could post LOL so you can see her before and after, the first 2 pictures are from the before and the last picture from her recovery period with some Friends from here.

Mom´s results after some days of stay in Bolivia

Hi I am here with mom as I mentioned in other review, these are the last days here Santa Cruz, the weather here is so weird, yesterday was very nice and sunny and today its getting cold and windy, so weird!As it is Sunday we are going to have breakfast now and then we are going to watch a movie, mom needs to relax so she can go back home feeling good!
She looked like a monster a few days ago after all her procedures but she was happy any way because even the scars are scaring at the beginning, her body looks amazing even swollen…this happens to me and to Jocelyn too, we were swollen but we could see a big difference since the beginning!
I wanted to show you her evolution but I haven’t been able to post any picture here,I don’t know why ?.
I have been following the Surgeon´s instructions, every day she needs to use a cream on her scars, it is an antiseptic cream(BAGODERM) I don’t know if you have heard about it…she has started her lymphatic drainages with Maria(If you read one of my reviews I mentioned Maria too because she also did my lymphatic drainages)her work is AMAZING! She really helped me with my swollen, she has angel hands!
Maria comes twice a day for mom and sometimes I have a relax massage to pamper myself ;)
Tomorrow we have to see the Dr., he needs to see mom´s evolution, I think he will be happy with the way mom looks.
Everything has been excellent except that mom has been a little dizzy, I think that is the antibiotic which it must be quite strong for her, other than that everything is fine!
All the experience has been really nice, of course that the only moment where I was a little nervous was when mom was in Surgery.
Dr.Lijeron is a very good Surgeon but even I completely trust him, my mom is the most important person for me so I was worried that something could happened to her, I think is normal to have this kind of thoughts!Thanks God everything was excellent and now we are looking forward to see the final results!.
I am thinking about this company Makeover Travel; I am so happy I chose them! All my trips have been perfectly organized and the best is that being so far away, they looked always after me! Every time I have been here I have met great people, the assistants have been very nice and loving…to feel cared in a trip that involves surgery is important because you are far from your family and your people and everything is different, language, everything is different and being alone in a hotel feeling certain weird things could be scary. Thanks God they come to see you, check everything is fine and they are, as I said,very caring!
Traveling abroad to have cosmetic surgery is a very important decision,I would never travel to a foreign country to have cosmetic surgery organizing everything by myself, I think is sad,risky and could become a nightmare!
Having someone that organized your stay in a nice place, chose an excellent professional to perform your surgery, offers assistance in your own language and offers a guarantee is priceless!At least to me!
Well its 9:00am and I need to help mom, I will write before we go back home.
Enjoy your Sunday!



New Pictures

There are some other pictures I would like to show to you!I dont know why I can´t post new ones but If any of you would like to see my pictures,let me know.I think that before and after pictures helps a lot to have an idea of what results to expect if you decide to have any procedure and who you chose to perform your procedure.
I am very happy with my experiences in Bolivia! I have been several times after my first surgery and I have seen amazing makeovers in a lot of people, including my best friend and my mom. To me one of the biggest advantages of an experience like mine is that you can save a lot of money, you can visit a new country, enjoy other culture, taste other flavours and the best is that in the way I came, with this company for example, you are pretty sure that they must work with excellent surgeons otherwise they can have problems with their reputation, so it is something that to me has a lot of advantages and make you feel safe in all senses. I wanted to write because I just met a girl who tell me that I should tell my story because many people want to have surgery and that my experience was going to help a lot of people, so here I am sharing this with you! Good luck!

I went with Makeover Travel a Medical Organization in Santa Cruz and they chose Dr.Lijeron who I believe did a wonderful work!

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