Active FX - Lower Eyelid Damage

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I had active fx on December 19,2009. I am scared...

I had active fx on December 19,2009. I am scared my skin is still red and blotchy so I fear hyperpigmentation.

But what scares me even more than that is I also had laser on my eye lids and now my bottom eyelids look scared or damaged. One eyelid looks like if you scratch yourself and the skin raises. (I did not scratch myself) and it is hard. it has not changed in a couple weeks. The other eye looks like the veins are bulging and at the end of the vein is a little round blue spot ( sorry it is hard to explain) I also have a lot of fatty deposits under my eyes now and look very scrapy and tired. the person who did my surgery told me that it is normal and that it is not the skin that it is the veins and it is swollen and would go away. She put me on Methylprednisolone tabs and Hydrocortisone cream 2.5%, I have also been putting Biafine cream on my face.

I am scared, I don't want this to be permanent.

I did the procedure to tighten and smoothe the skin. The procedure was not painful, I thought that this was a pretty risk free procedure from what the person said who did it. I am really scared now of permanent scaring.

Does anybody have advice? I also have a short video showing what is going on with my eyes if anybody would like to see, or If you can see me for an appointment that would also be great. Thank you very much for your help.
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not getting the post op care that i need.

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