Turning 50 in Six Months and I need a New Tummy and Breast Reduction. Bolivia, BO

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I will be in Santa Cruz Bolivia for over a month...

I will be in Santa Cruz Bolivia for over a month next month so I thought this would be an excellent time to fulfill my wish that has been my desire for over 30 years which is to reduce the size of my breast. They've serverd its purpose( breast fed 3kids) and now its time for me to enjoy the next 30 years smaller.

Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction

I'm also doing a tummy tuck. I know this sounds weird that I would be going all away to Bolivia when I have the finest doctors right where I live. I considered some of the many excellent doctors that you dolls are going to and in the end timing was the major factor in me deciding to get it done abroad. I have to be in Bolivia next month for dental work(braces) so I decided to knock this out too seeing as its cheaper even than Miami. I'll be eventually leaving Fl for a few years; later this year and this will be the only time I can do this before I turn 50. My body has been good to me over the past 50 years, it has only gotten(stomach) out of control in the last six years going through pre menopause. I'm about 180 pounds and I'm almost 5ft 6 inches tall. I'm happy with the shape of my bum so I wont be touching it; I can't afford it anyways lol. I can't say the same for these 38DDS. They have given me many years of back pain and now its causing me major neck pain and migrain headaches. So they have to go. For my age and the size of my breast they dont hang down and they are really full(volume) so I'm hoping I can get a very nice set of perky 34 to 36 C cup. I will be posting as I go so that if any of you dolls want to do an abroad makeover this could benefit you...
Dr. LIjeron Arias

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