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Well...I did it. I put the deposit down for my TT...

Well...I did it. I put the deposit down for my TT with lipo to flanks and inner and outter thighs today. I am scheduled for surgery October 3rd. Here are my stats: I am 45 years old, 5'9" and weigh 178 lbs. The only time I have weighed this much is when I was 9 months pregnant. Hoping to get down to at least 160 by my surgery date. An ideal weight for me is 145 but I don't know if I can get there in time and if I can maintain it.

I am so sick of not liking the way my tummy/flanks look. It is the first place my eyes go when I look in the mirror. I use to have a nice body when I was younger. Why oh why didn't I take the time to look at myself naked then? Does that sound nuts??

Kimmers post, blogs and list have been so helpful. I have been visiting this site since November when I got serious about having surgery. Been wanting to this for years. This is the year.

Can someone run me through what their experience...

Can someone run me through what their experience was on the of surgery? I am interested in hearing what the day was like before they put you under for surgery. I feel like the more I know what to the expect the less nervous I will be.


Ladies I am on the fence big time about having...

Ladies I am on the fence big time about having lipo done to my inner and outer thighs. I am scared of the pain and recovery swelling. Not to mention if I have lipo done to my flanks and thighs and if I gain weight where will it go? My bottom?? I don't want a bigger fanny.

Plus I know swelling is going to be an issue. From what I understand it can last for months and months.

Can those of you who have had lipo done please let me know how your recovery went and if you are pleased with your results?

Thank you!
Dr. Hu

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