I Love Accutane! - Santa Clarita, CA

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I LOVE ACCUTANE! I am a 21 year old female who had...

I LOVE ACCUTANE! I am a 21 year old female who had moderate to severe acne. I had tried tons of creams and pills that just were not working when I decided to go to a new doctor. The minute that I walk into this doctors office he goes accutane. I was like I've heard all the side effects abustlely no! He said listen I'm seeing your starting to get scars and I'm sure you've tried everything and nothing is working, this is your only hope. I said listen I don't even take Advil cause I'm one of those who has all the side effects. He said just try it, so of course I go home and google all of the side effects and two seconds after I take the I feel like I have everything listed. After my worrying went away and I'm done with the pills now my face is finally clear! Actually the other day I went to the DMV and the lady says OMG you have the most gorgeous skin, I was thinking if you only knew I was on accutane. I'm telling you I had no side effects but dry lips and carmex was my best friend. The amount of confidence I have now, I would take the side effects for 6 months. Do you want a moon rock looking face because your worried about side effects or you want a ton of coincidence that everyone notices!? I would take it a million times over! Just try it!

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