Excited! - Santa Ana, CA

Im 24 years young mother of 2 .. i lost my body...

Im 24 years young mother of 2 .. i lost my body after having my children it was all worth it god blessed me with a daughter and then a son ..its time i fix my body and my booty I have my consultation tomorrow I'm so excited hopefully all goes well considering I had a hernia repair mesh January 2013 .. I've done so much research and Its exactly what I want read a lot of reviews too and a lot of women look great cant wait !!

Super excited!!

Can't wait the consultation went great !!! Dr. And staff are so sweet and awesome !! Got my surgery date June 28th I can't wait !!!!

I'm ready 1week left!!!

One week ill be getting my surgery I'm so excited!!!!!!! I'm ready with what I need but most important I'm mentally ready and to happy to be nervous or scared :)
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