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Purchased latisse from my dermatologist. Initial...

Purchased latisse from my dermatologist. Initial side effects were itchiness and darkening on the upper eyelids, but i pushed through it. The itchiness subsided. The darkening is still there, but im fairly certain noone notices but me, plus its easily hidden with a little makeup. The result after one month are noticeably longer lashes. My lashes to begin with were non existent almost. Thin, short and sparse. (Sexy right?) to be clear, with the latisse i dont eyelashes that look like im wearing flase eyelashes like some users have claimed. What i do have are dramtically longer lashes when wearing mascara. I used to wear false individuals lashes almost daily, but now im happy with just a few coats of mascara. Im still applying daily since i havent quite achieved my desired results. Overall, im extremely satisfied and will probably be a lifetime user. Unless i grow a third eye or some other weird side effect

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