Any of you experience chest pain prior to surgery - San Leandro, CA

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Hi everyone, so I am scheduled to have my BBL and...

Hi everyone, so I am scheduled to have my BBL and TT next week. I'm glad I found this place, you guys have help out alot from reading your reviews and I want to thank all of you. I used to have a big butt, but after having my second child it all went down hill, now my butt has dents on the side and is fuller on top than the buttom, I hate that so much. Now I where a padded underwear so people cant tell the difference so far it has worked.

My hunnie loves big butts and back then he always liked to hit my butt. After I started to wear the padded underwear I would always walk behind him or tried to walk around him just so he wouldn't want to hit it. OMG and once after coming home from the club he got me and said why did it sound like that it sounds like if you have a pillow under there hahahaha I was so embarrassed and said its probably cus of the fabric lol. I think he does suspect it o'well, pertty soon I will be saing bye bye to the underwear and hello too new butty. Girls I am so nervious and scared at the same time who isn't right... I just have some concers... for the past 2 weeks I have been feeling dizzy and get pain on my chest everytime I think about the surgery and dieing have any of you guys felt like this or is it just me? My EKG came back normal and I am only 30.... Please help and thank you

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