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I started seeing an orthodontist at age 6. My...

I started seeing an orthodontist at age 6. My teeth were already crowding at a young age, so I had to get spacers to help make room in my mouth for my adult teeth. By age 10, I had braces. They were painful but at that time, kids my age were already getting them so it didn't bother me. I was more interested in what color bands I could pick to coordinate with holidays or the season. My braces came off at age 12 and ever since then my teeth have been consistently straight. I was good and wore my retainer when I went to bed through high school. Then after college, my dentist noticed I was grinding so I got a night guard. The night guard has in a way acted as a retainer. 18 years later, my teeth are still pretty straight and I hope to keep them that way.

Rubber bands

Did your bands ever snap in your mouth? Ouch!


I was a nerd so I was good about wearing my retainer.


I remember how I couldn't eat things with braces like corn, taffy, or chew gum. I couldn't wait to have popcorn!

Retainer Part II

What if you had a pink retainer? Green? Blue?

How about gum?

Did you chew it?




Rubber bands

My jaw needed some realignment so the ortho gave me rubber bands. I liked changing out colors.


Is there an easy was to clean my retainer?

What about these

Dr. K

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