Restalyne Lump Under Eye - Tear Trough - San Jose, CA

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So I am writing this review for people who have...

So I am writing this review for people who have experienced Restalyne lumps in the wrong location that don't go away by themselves.

I had Restalyne and Perlane injected in several areas (lips, nasolabial folds and tear troughs) 11 months ago and even though I loved the overall effect I had a problem in one area. While having the Restalyne injection in my tear through I got one of those darn scratches in my throat and had an uncontrollable urge to cough. This caused the syringe to shake and as the doctor tried to extract the needle some was deposited further down the area leaving an unsightly bump.

I did lots of research and called many people trying to have it fixed but the only solution I was told about was the hyaluronidase which I didn't like the sound of because of the possibility of breaking down some of the natural stuff too so I thought I would suck it up until it dissolved which I did for 11 months and although there was a slight improvement it was still very noticeable.

Anyhow so I went to another Dr. yesterday for an completely unrelated topic and while there I asked her about it and if there was anything she could do. She was like oh sure i'll fix that for you now. She took a wooden sticked cutip and literally moved back to the tear trough. She did it by rolling the stick over the area and pushing quite hard toward the direction of the tear trough. Voila no lump! I am amazed that after all the advice I had gotten it took a simple 5 min procedure to fix. It did hurt a little, she explained that she had to push hard to actually move it and that it had to be a wooden cutip to get the pressure needed. I was a little red and swollen in that area for the rest of the day but today I can't believe that there is no evidence of the lump ever being there!

So maybe this is another option to explore before going the hyaluronidase route.

I don't have photos at the moment but will try to dig some up and get a new one taken.

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This recommendation is for the Dr. who fixed it - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)

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