My Freckles Literally Fell off After IPL Treatments. Rosacea Redness is 75% Improved - San Jose, CA

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A previous doctor told me I wasn't a candidate for...

A previous doctor told me I wasn't a candidate for any laser Rosacea treatments until the flare ups were under control. But, they never seemed to be under control, so I moved on to another doctor who was able to get my Rosacea to go into remission. While we were treating the rosacea, I asked her about IPL and she said I was definitely a candidate to do it. Her position was that my flare ups are going to happen independently of whatever treatment I do on the redness, since they are unrelated. I went ahead and did a consult for IPL and decided to move forward. They recommended 5 IPL treatments on my whole face. The cost was $400/treatment if I paid for the entire series in advance. Each treatment was 3-4 weeks apart.

After the first three treatments, my freckles would blacken over the first week, and then they would literally slough off! It was so strange! One time I rubbed a freckle on my forehead, and it came off on my finger! Weeeird. After the third treatment, the remaining freckles were MUCH lighter and the redness from broken capillaries due to my Rosacea were much, much lighter. I can go in public without makeup now because my complexion is more even and I don't have a Rudolph nose anymore. The last two treatments didn't seem to do much for me. I didn't notice a lot of change.

The treatment didn't "hurt." The laser zaps feel like tiny snaps of an elastic band, and the laser nurse, who did the procedure, was very communicative in letting me know what was coming next. Each treatment was about 45 minutes in length.

I haven't had a complexion this even and without redness since I was a teen.

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