Perma Lip 5mm, Chin Implant and Chin Slimlipo - San Jose, CA

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Eak chin as well as a double chin. Aldo my lips...

eak chin as well as a double chin. Aldo my lips were full bug small and I really desired some lucious lips. After some research I found Dr. Lay who is well known here on real self and specializes in facial surgery. He is also an ENT. Long story short I had a consult and actually went into surgery to get all 3 procedures done. It has been 2 hours now since I am out of surgery. The surgery wasn't bad. However I was a little loopy off Ativan but I was aware of each procedure. When if was finished. My lips as you can see are huge, but they don't look stretched, a symmetric or lop sided. They look pretty good for swallow lips. I didn't want to achieve a Huge lips but I wanted a sexy full pout. I can't see my chin or double chin yet do I cannot comment yet. The only thing that is undesirable is the amount of pain I'm in. My entire chin jaw and lips hurt A Lot! And I had to demand some Vicodine because typically I guess they don't prescribe narcotics to patients with this surgery. It's crazy but the pain I'm in is pretty serious. Here are some pics

Pictures before and after

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