Day 1 - Post Op

I've always been the same bra size since high...

I've always been the same bra size since high school. I'm now 22 years old and before the surgery, I measured at a 34A/barely 32B. I chose my surgeon through my friend who got her breasts done there also. I chose to go with saline 350cc/left and 360cc/right since my right breast was a little smaller. I can't tell what size it is now since I am so swollen it feels as if my breasts is hitting my chin. LOL. It's supposed to measure up to a full B/small C. I also chose to go through local anesthesia. The doctor gave me two sleeping pills and a couple of shots and I knocked out. Before knocking out, when the doctor numbed my breasts with the shots... it was extremely painful. When I got home from surgery, I knocked out for about 4 hours and I woke up to visitors. I remember not being in that much pain and being able to easily move around. I slept again and woke up at 4am with excruciating pain. I slept by myself that night (which I wouldn't advise anyone to do) and I couldn't even move. I laid awake in bed for 2 hours and finally called my housemate on the phone to pick me up so I can pee. LOL. It is still the first day post op and I'm still in pain. It really does feel like a truck just hit me but it's bearable.

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