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I am excited..I get my braces on this coming Wed...

I am excited..I get my braces on this coming Wed March 30, 2011.

I currently hate my teeth, i am missing the ones that grow next to the front teeth between the front/canines, and i look like i grew vampire teeth. My mouth is small and the teeth are angled in. My bottom is crowded and a bit crooked. My dentists' goal is to bring them forward, space them a bit, and finally, veneer the top 4 teeth to fill the gaps that i will end up with.

I have envied people with nice smiles as long as i could remember (i'm 39) and i figure.."why not do it?" i mean, i can afford to fix my smile now and hopefully i will end up loving the way my teeth will look. Maybe gain some self confidence to smile fully in the end..but i am also nervous about the outcome too :(

I had my 1st appt for my spacers this past Wed 23, and my molars are really sore. I will post a picture as soon as i get the courage to do so.

I went to a couple of places before i settled on Dr F's office. They are VERY nice there. I always feel very comfortable and his staff is friendly. I will post an update as soon as i get my braces on next week. :)

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