Ulthera with No Pain Meds - San Francisco, CA

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It's been 3 weeks since I had the Ulthera...

It's been 3 weeks since I had the Ulthera treatment. I think it's too soon to give an accurate review but I want to talk about my experience going through ulthera with no pain killers or nerve blocks. I tend to be average when it comes to pain tolerance and honestly felt like my experience wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated.

The doctor told me that I would experience pain and I prepped myself knowing that it would hurt. I didn't use any pain killers or anything because I live far away from the doctor's office and didn't want to stay at the doctor's office waiting for the meds to wear off. I did two separate ulthera treatments which I would highly recommend because it's too much to do the whole face in one day.

I started with my forehead which the doctor said was the most painful area and aside for a few passes that felt like miniature brain freezes I was comfortable throughout the treatment. I came back 2 weeks later for my lower face and it felt like a piece of cake. My right side was slightly more sensitive than my left side and there were several places around the eyes that felt more sensitive than the forehead. I didn't feel as much pain as I thought I would because I went into the treatment being scared and knowing there would be pain.

Although it's only been 3 weeks I've seen dramatic improvements in the texture and radiance of my skin. I have noticed more lifting in the mid face than the brows but I'm still optimistic. Each day I wake up looking in the mirror seeing very subtle and positive changes. I wouldn't recommend this treatment to anyone who's impatient and wants results right away. This treatment is for people who want to preserve their beauty in the most natural way and are willing to wait a while to see change. There is immediate subtle changes that occur from the swelling and then continue to improve. You definitely won't see dramatic changes right away so you really do have to be patient.

I'll keep everyone updated in a month because it's annoying when people on here post right after their treatment and don't keep people updated because that's when the true results will show.

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