Re-thinking my Doctor - San Francisco, CA

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I am scheduled to have surgery in may but am...

I am scheduled to have surgery in may but am really starting to doubt my choice of doctor. I live in northern California, bay area, and was wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions. This is s lot to do with my health issues actually. I have a Cronic illness that you can't do much but stay positive. Sometimes a little external help can do wonders for me, new shoes, good hair, but this could be life changing. I have felt this way for years. My nose is the perfect size in with and perfectly balanced with a great shape but it just sticks too far out. Idvlike to take a centimeter off the whole length from almost the top to the bottom. Im proud of my ancestry, i think I get most of my nose from my Russian Jewish side, but I'd just like to turnbit down a notch. Also, one issue that comes along with my illness is insomnia. I recently switched doctor ( and hospital where they have a sleep clinic) and the sleep specialist told me I have a narrow nasal passage. So the doctor has to be experienced in both these issues equally. If this is right for me and I find a great surgeon who can help me, I believe this could change my life and improve the state of my health tremendously. Thanks for any info!!

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