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I am an 18 year old male. Height 5'11. Weight...

I am an 18 year old male. Height 5'11. Weight 165lbs.
I also did not tell my family about this because they are not supportive.
I spent roughly $5,000USD for the surgery and stay. But there were services that the doctor somewhat forced me to pay for at CIPLACI like massages. I also paid for testing and medicine. So all together I paid $6,000USD.
I do not speak Spanish AT ALL! The doctor always spoke to me in English making me believe he spoke English. I also told him that I do not speak Spanish.

I saw another girl on RealSelf talking about this doctor and how he did such a good job on her butt implants and liposuction. So I decided to get a little information from her. I e-mailed the doctor and he said he would be willing to do liposuction and butt implants on me for $4,300USD and hospital/hotel CIPLACI for $90.00USD a day. He said I would only need to stay in the Dominican Republic for 12 days. So I booked my ticket for 12 days. Coming closer to the surgery date I saw the female that had the same surgery as me had only paid $3,000USD for the surgery. So I am not stingy but I was not going to be charged for $1,300USD more for the EXACT same surgery and I did not have much fat to liposuction in the first place. I asked the doctor to bring down the price to $3,800USD and he agreed. That is what ultimately made me choose this doctor. It was the huge decrease in price from every other plastic surgeon that was trying to charge me.
So Dr. Safadit told me that a man named Ramon would come and get me from the airport. He did not give me a number or anything to call. So when I got to Santiago airport I was so scared and nervous there was so many people. The people in the airport were super rude to me for not speaking Spanish. I got stuck at the airport because I could not find this man "Ramon" anywhere. I walked outside but it looked so dangerous. I was frightened so badly. I called the hospital CIPLACI at 4:00AM to ask for help but nobody answered. I also called the doctor but nobody answered. I tried to walk back into the Airport but they said nobody is allowed back in. So I was going to walk around a little and I finally saw Ramon holding a sign up that said my name. He drove a broken black car that he had to rev back up to work. It broke down a lot on the way to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital it was very beautiful but the only problem was that I saw 3 cockroaches crawling on the floor when they turned on the lights.
They took me to my room. It was a hospital bed and I was so nervous. But I met a lot of friends while I was there.
I did testing the next day. I didnt know what any of the stuff they were doing was for because I did not speak Spanish. One doctor put colorful objects on me and they moved with my heart. Another doctor took my blood. And another doctor I guess did 5 X-Ray on me because we kept doing them wrong. I really still am unfamiliar with what happened because I dont speak Spanish.
I met the doctor the next day and his assistant that semi spoke English. He took me into his consultation room. He told me to take off my pants so I did. He seemed kind of disgusted that I showed him my penis. The assistant told me to keep on my underwear and just pull down my pants.
The assistant was not very fluent in English and it was so difficult for me. She did not translate everything that the doctor said so there was a lot of confusion.
Also I could hear Dr. Safadit telling his assistant "tu eres muy sexy" over and over again in a sexual manner. Which made me uncomfortable. That obviously means "You are very sexy".
Oh also the assistant did not speak good English and she only translated some stuff. I would always ask her "WHAT DID HE SAY"?! Because he would say so much and the assistant never translated it for me.
Dr. Safadit assistant eventually told me that he can not put an implant in me over 220cc because my pelvis can not take it. I was not thrilled about the idea because I really wanted bigger than than 220cc because 220cc implant is very small like half the size of a baseball literally or smaller! The brand he used was euro-silicone. I asked to keep the box after surgery but they threw it away. Instead I got a little card that they said I can use for the warranty. I also wanted to be awake during surgery. But I really dont remember anything.
So the next day I had surgery. I woke up and showered. Someone gave me a blue pill from their hand to relax. They rolled me in a wheelchair to surgery. I was fine not nervous at all. I met friends there that were excited for me.
I also signed a lot of forms that I was not familiar with. Some were in Spanish. But this was the night before.
After surgery everything was good I had very little pain. I wanted to get up. But they made me lay in bed all night on my stomach. The doctor came to see me and he just said "look at you its beautiful". It did look good because I was swollen and my butt looked bigger the swelling went down.
The nurses also injected me with many substances that I am not sure of what they are. One of them was burning a lot. Then I had an allergic reaction to one of them. My arm blew up and had red itchy spots all over them. But then they injected me with a anti-allergy medicine that made everything better.
The next day I got up and I had to poop. The nurses told me in order to poop I would have to take the faja off. So I took the faja off to poop.
Then Dr. Safadit assistant came to me later on that day and told me that Dr. Safadit was angry with me for taking off the faja. But nobody instructed me on how to poop or not to take off the faja. Nobody told me the Do's and Dont's really. Also you have to keep in mind I am only 18 years old.
So after the third day I was walking around normal and everything was fine. I was draining a lot of blood.
Throughout the trip I was always complaining about one implant being inflammed and hurting a bit.
I took a lot of anti biotics. Ciproflaxin I think to be exact.
So by the 10th day it was almost time for me to go home to America. The doctor told me I was still draining too much blood.
So Dr. Safadit decided he needed to take action. He told me he was going to perform surgery on me in the afternoon so be prepared at CIPLACI. Later on the assistant told me that I would have to pay for that surgery. I told her if it is more than $100.00 I do not have enough money to do it. She told me the surgery would be $100.00 or less.
He stopped by at 6:00PM to tell me in the morning to be ready for surgery and that he was not going to do it that day.
A lot of my friends there at CIPLACI complained to him that he needs to take care of me because I am a young boy and I dont know my way around here.
Also I only brung enough money for 12 nights hospital stay and the doctor wanted me to go to a hotel since I could not afford to stay at the hospital another week.
The translator told me that he will be taking me to Siglo21 for surgery. I had heard of this place but I had never been there.
Long story short the next day I woke up and washed my body. Then the assistant came and got me for surgery in car. I sat in the front car seat. She took me to Siglo21 and that hospital was scary. It was like an actual hospital in a 3rd world country not a glamorous place like CIPLACI.
They took me in a room with a sick little boy. Who had some sickness that they were treating. I felt really bad for him that he was here so sick and I was here for plastic surgery being conceited. They made me undress in this tiny room with this sick little boy and his mother in it behind a curtain. They came and got me for the surgery. I laid down on the nasty looking plank. There was hispanic music playing and all kind of people coming in the room during surgery. They were singing and I was scared. The doctor asked me if I was ok and I told him straight up NO. He said "look at me". I looked at him. He said "are you ok"? I said NO! I told him why I was not "ok" but he did not understand.
I did not know what he was doing during this surgery but apparently he sucked the blood out of both implants.
Later on that day the blood came back and they told me I need to change my flight to one week later. Which I did. Because it was a medical emergency and I was scared to go home like this. My family had no clue!
Dont forget to mention the doctor wanted to send me to a hotel with a bloody drain because I could not afford the hospital.
Also he asked to call my parents that day since I could not afford the hospital. He basically wanted to extort them for money.
But it never came down to that.
So the next day the blood had stopped and I was so happy.
Also I was taking a shower and the drain ripped out but also the night before one of the doctors pulled it out a little bit. So I think thats why it ripped out so easily.
So then later on that day the doctor came to my room and told me that since the drain came out that I am not his responsibility anymore and to leave ASAP. He said call the airline and leave. All of this was translated by my friend that I had met there in DR.
So I called DELTA and let them know what happened. They told me that they have a flight back 10 hours from that time. So I took that flight back home.
The assistant told me I need to pay $100.00 to their taxi to go to the airport. I said no. Because they came and got me for free they should drop me back off complimentary also.
So they did drop me off complimentary at the airport.
They also told me I had to pay $200.00 for the 2 extra nights which I refused.
The doctor also told me he had to pay $250.00 for the surgery at Siglo21.
He also got angry with me for expressing that I felt like he was money hungry.
Anyways now that I am home I am having a lot of numbing in my left leg. The leg that was inflammed. My results are ok but not what I wanted. Now that the inflammation is gone I can see that the lipo and butt implants did not make much of a difference. The implants are too high up which I complained about. He said they will drop but they are intra muscular and the swelling is gone now. They are still too high.
I think his technique is to place a small implant high up to give that bump high up top but there is a lot of emptiness on the bottom. My butt does not look good when I am naked.
So yea I am going to go to a different doctor in a few years to fix this botched mediocre job that Dr. Abraham Polanco Safadit has donce.
I will post pictures later to show you exactly what I am talking about. How my butt is so pointy and shows when I bend over.

Butt implants poking through.

See these are my implants. So high up and it is quite embarrassing, stressful, and it is taking a lot of my self esteem. I am only 18 years old and I pretty much spent all of my savings on this surgery. It was not smart. But it was something that I have always wanted. My butt is still flat. Now I have an alien butt. It looks mutated/dis-formed and botched to me. Just completely empty on the bottom. And they were placed intra muscularly. All of the swelling is down and I am pretty sure this is my final result.
It is sad because the doctor really didn't listen to me. I really wanted a curvy figure. Super skinny and really like a plump bubble butt. He did lipo on me but I look exactly the same afterwards. It is sad to see me like this because I was so numb and swollen I could never complain about this. I swear he barely liposuctioned me. I know I am skinny already but I had stubborn fat that I wanted him to get rid of and he didnt get rid of it. Honestly makes me want to cry. I wish I would have saved up the few thousand more to go and see Dr. Grawe in Ohio or Dr. Stanton in California. Really is taking the most out of my soul. I dont know when I will ever have the money to get this fixed. The reason I chose to do this at a young age is because I said to myself in a few more years when will you ever have the money saved up to do this. You will be so busy buying a car and gas, paying bills. And now look at me, botched.
Not to mention my left leg is so numb all of the time. Like I am forgetting I even have a left leg that is how numb it is. It also keeps on going to the left when I walk. Sigh, something is seriously wrong.
Pray for me guys.

Should I whatsapp the doctor how I feel about his surgery on me?

Can you guys please tell me how you feel? Should I express to him my unhappiness. I dont think it will do much. But seriously my butt looks ridiculous. ????????????????????
Dr. Abraham Polanco Safadit

He was very irate and angry at times.

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