Mid/lower SMAS Facelift and Chin Lipo - Looks Good but Can't Fully Extend my Neck Now!

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I am a slim 49 year old female and six months ago,...

I am a slim 49 year old female and six months ago, I had a mid /lower face lift (SMAS) with no ill effects.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to have lipo remove some fat from under my chin. Anyway, I now notice that I am unable to fully extend my neck when looking up. When I try I feel a tugging, pulling sensation. If I force it, it is painful. The swelling appears to have gone down . The contours of the area under my chin is asthetically more pleasing than prior to the lipo, but now I have this problem!

I wanted to complete the look of my face lift. As stated, the lipo took away the fatty bulge under my neck but my range of motion is now compromised. The doctor who did my face lift agreed to do the lipo. This was done at a reduced price of $700 since the doctor had done the face lift at full price just six months prior.

Can you tell me what this is ? Is it temporary? What can I do about it ?
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I would recommend him for the face lift but the jury is still out on the chin lipo.

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