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I have been dealing with hormonal acne since the...

I have been dealing with hormonal acne since the birth of my daughter in 2005. It was rare that I would have a lot of visible, large pimples, but I had a lot of comedones on my face which kept getting worse year after year. I used a lot of over the counter products over the years without results. Finally I decided to see a dermatologist through Kaiser and they recommended I use Retin-A .025% every other day. I simply wash all the make up off my face, wait 5 minutes for my skin to dry, apply clindamycin (helps kill bacteria) and apply a thin layer of Retin-A. In the morning I wash it off and apply Kiehls Super Multi Corrective Cream. I have had such an improvement in all aspects of my skin. Almost all of my comedones are gone, and my skin feels firmer. I am 37 and am just beginning to see fine lines. My hope is that this product will help keep them somewhat at bay the way it has worked for my acne. I should mention I also switched to using Tarte foundation and stopped using MAC foundations. I think the combination of these products are what have really been helpful. I have not had any peeling except once, out of my own negligence, I forgot to wash off the Retin-A in the morning, didn't put lotion on my face, and was out in the sun for an hour. I am very satisfied with this product. After a month or so you should already start to see improvements.
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