One Treatment and No More Sweat!

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I was tired of ruining silk shirts with deodorant...

I was tired of ruining silk shirts with deodorant stains or having to wear a jacket during a presentation to make sure I didn't have sweaty armpits. The procedure took over an hour. The numbing process was much longer than I expected and then about 20 minutes per arm. Once everything was numb I couldn't feel any pain during the procedure. I followed immediately with about 20 minutes of icing. The numbing lasted 3 or 4 hours. I continued icing every two hours the rest of the first day and took several aleve for the swelling. The first night was very painful once the numbing wore off and my arms were very swollen. I took a few vicodin for the pain which helped and enabled me to sleep. The next day my arms were still very swollen but the pain was much better. I continued with icing and aleve but didn't need pain killers anymore. By day two the swelling was almost all gone with a small amount of bruising and tenderness. By day three almost all the swelling was gone and I felt good enough to resume light exercise. Today is day four and I felt good enough for a run and didn't have any problems. The results are amazing already. I don't seem to be sweating at all and have stopped wearing deodorant! So worth a few days of pain and swealing.
San Francisco General Surgeon

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