Great Results but Could Not Leave the House for a Week - San Francisco, CA

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Pros: Excellent results, completely removed age...

Pros: Excellent results, completely removed age spots
Cons: Horrible recovery, lasts 7-8 days.
I have relatively fair semi-freckled skin (blonde hair, blue eyes). I've spent my life skiing and biking and being out in the sun--now, at 37, I have a ton of sun damage. The big sun spots and hyperpigmentation bother me the most. I've done IPL twice with a really good doctor. Both times by face felt and looked like it was on fire when I left the office. Then it turned into basically one giant scab that slowly got darker and crustier and then fell off over a period of 7-8 days. Once the scab came off, my skin looked amazing, much better than I anticipated. The big spots were completely gone, and it also helped with fine lines, pores, everything. The results last for a long time--only now, about 3 years later, are my spots starting to reappear.

I wish I'd known how long and intense the recovery would be. All these sites say "no down time"--very misleading. I have had friends do IPL (same doc, same laser) and have almost no reaction and no recovery problems. I think the more sun damage you have, the more intense the recovery is. To be safe, I would strongly recommend that you plan on not going to work or going out for at least 7 days.

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