Dr. Duran is my Best Chance at Fixing This Botched BBL - San Francisco, CA

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Hey there, I had a BBL in October of 2015 and the...

Hey there,
I had a BBL in October of 2015 and the doctor he did NOT give me the booty I asked for! He is a plastic surgeon in Pacific Heights San Francisco. I was so upset following that procedure I cried for months. I will be writing a more thorough review later, but for now hoping to go to DR.

Surgery date w/Duran confirmed

So I couldn't get the mid December date I was hoping for but am confirmed for March 1st. I need to pick a recovery house in the DR. Serenity house is booked. Any other suggestions?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am waiting till after my BBL revision from Dr. Duran to write a review on my first plastic surgeon. The reason is that directly after the procedure I was so emotionally devastated that I couldn't really discuss what happened without getting very emotional. When I approached a doctor in Miami for a revision, my email was too "crazy" sounding and he said he was concerned about my reaction to the first doctor and he couldn't do my procedure. I thanked him for that honesty and decided to take a step back and process and let the healing time go by and THEN get my revision and THEN I am going to put this doctor on BLAST!!!

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