Bad Juvederm/laser Experience

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7 months ago I had Juvederm injected under my...

7 months ago I had Juvederm injected under my eyes, just above the cheek.

The dermatologist hit a vein on the left side which left me with severe bruising for 2 months, followed by a tyndell effect. She then aggresively used yag and v beam lasers to help the bruising which only made matters worse. I recently had vitrase to remove the filler and now notice severe fat loss under my left eye and also my upper cheek along with some hypopigmentation. You can now see every vein and muscle under the eye.

No Pros only cons....deep hollow eyes after too much botox and skin fell. My social and personal life has changed...I hate leaving the house without a pound of concealer and dark glasses. It has made me extremely depressed and I need to know how I can fix it.

How did this happen and what are my options? I cry every day when I try to put makeup over it.
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