Received Thermage Around My Eyes for Free

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Hi there. Wow. I am worried now. I received a free...

Hi there. Wow. I am worried now. I received a free treatment of Thermage around my eyes. I was a guinne pig for a doctor learning the process directly from Thermage. The treatment did not hurt (well, here and there, there was a bit of a pinch now and then (was told the dr. hit "a bundle of nerves" which can happen but other than the occasional sensitive points it did NOT hurt. Thermage people teaching the dr. said it should NOT hurt. I was told it was very important they NOT use a local anasthetic(sp?) because the dr. needs to know if it is painful...because it is NOT supposed to hurt! If it hurts-this means the laser is delivering too much heat into the skin and it can cause damage.

The doctor started out on the outside of my eye orbit on #2 and turned up the heat/laser from there. Stayed pretty much around 3 and then went up to 4 above the brow. 4 did not hurt at all but was warm/hot above the brow- 4 was too high under the eye so the doctor lowered to 2.5 there.

The Thermage people walked me through the entire process telling me what was happening and why. It was very interesting. I was also told in advance that I may see some improvement right away however, not to expect any changes until at least 1 - 3 months. I will go back in a month and take after pictures.

I did have slight swelling in the treated areas that evening directly after the procedure. I do see some improvement under my eyes but not quite sure about the brow lift yet. Of course it's only been 30 hours since the treatment. :) I'll check back in a month and let you know if I feel it worked. I am so sorry for all of those that are having such horrific problems.

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So far I am not sure and want to wait to give the information on my doctor who I think is wonderful but I want to report results first. I will upload photos (if I can get them from my doctor after 1-3 months.

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