Photofacial - Yup, It Hurts Alright!

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*Treatment results may vary

If you get a photofacial follow the after care...

If you get a photofacial follow the after care procedures and be sure to SLEEP WITH AT LEAST 2 PILLOWS under your head.

I had my first photofacial treatment yesterday and I woke up this am with an eye swollen shut. I have been using ice and taking lots of advil and still look like I was punched in the face. I look rediculous! On top of the swelling I have freckles covering every inch of my face.

Regardless of the way I look/feel, I had to come to work today. I was told the procedure required no recovery time, so I planned to go to work after the procedure yesterday. When I walked out of the office my face was on FIRE and was bright red. I called in sick to work, went home and put ice on my cheeks. I couldn't go anywhere I was in so much pain. I had to come to work today since I took half day yesterday...I have been hiding in my office all day :)

I really hope the results are worth it. If you are thinking about doing this, schedule a few days of recovery time, even if the Dr. says it isn't necessary. TRUST ME, you don't want to be going through what I'm going through...

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I like her as a dermotogolist, but the results of the photofacial remain to be seen.

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