Performed Deep Fx First then Active Fx 4 Weeks Later, Worth It!

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Halfway through my procedure, 2 weeks post Deep Fx...

Halfway through my procedure, 2 weeks post Deep Fx. This is probably the best technology so far for the results. Had cystic acne and sun damage, 47yrs old. The results are much better than I expected.

I am a realist with these procedures. The first week looked a bit frightening with all the "burn/red" marks, but at 2 weeks only a slight pink all over and a noticeable change >50%. And this is just after Deep Fx (more collagen remodeling than surface). Looking forward to doing the surface with Active Fx. The result can only be more satisfying.

My doc is extremely aggressive and goes at some of the highest settings. She says so that you get your monies worth and the improvement. Most importantly she does several of these a day and has for 2 years at least. Skilled hands equal amazing results. Be prepared for one week of looking horrible and then amazing results appear over the next week or so and improve for 6 months. I saw the results of a friend that went to this doc and I was amazed. Very satisfied and only halfway through.


Updated Dec. 23 2009

I posted earlier after having Deep Fx performed. Price is for both procedures. I waited 4 weeks before doing Active Fx afterwards. I am finding that people who are satisfied vs unsatisfied has to do with expectations and the skill and aggressiveness of the doctor. I was willing to pay at the high side of the scale to have the doctor I wanted for the best results. I have very light skin, easily sunburned, so my doc could use very high settings for both treatments. I compared the settings used to that of the manufacturer's protocol and found that for both treatments my doc went at very high to highest settings. This may have been possible by splitting the treatments. Deep Fx recovery was 9 days for back to work but fairly red with marks on the face. Active Fx just 5 days out now and heals much faster. Peeled and in the final healing stages. I am impressed with the results. Much better than expected. For best results Botox beforehand let's healing occur without wrinkling the new collagen or skin.

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You have to choose a very experienced doc. Told me the complication rate and what to expect. Very knowledgeable about skin types and appropriate laser settings. People who say they got poor results did not get the right doc or where not good candidates for this. Honest doc gives appropriate recommendations. They will not treat everyone if you are not a candidate.

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