Droopy, Saggy Eyes After Botox - San Diego, CA

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Pros: Hmmmm... none. Cons: I wasted $2000...

Pros: Hmmmm... none.

Cons: I wasted $2000 between Botox and Juviderm ... result is = I look OLDER! More wrinkly, just awful!! In the mornings it is like a nightmare! My eyes are so puffy! unbelievable! I hate botox. Never again.

I just turned 40 so I wanted to look refreshed and better, boy was I wrong!

I am $2000 down the drain, $550 per injection of Botox (2) and the Juviderm and all the side effects to myself... hmm doesn't seem all that fair, does it?

Cosmetic Dermatology is one of the trickiest fields out there. It almost feels like they forget their Hippocratic Oath and just are out there to get your money, as much as possible... So sad! :(

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