I've Been Using It on and off for over 20 Years - San Diego, CA

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I started using Retin-A as a teen for my acne....

I started using Retin-A as a teen for my acne. Since then, I've used it on occasion whenever I've had bouts of acne from stress. I'm using it again for adult acne.

PROS: manages my acne
keeps my skin looking young

CONS: irritating
causes redness, peeling and flaking.

Pro tip: I use Retin-A with copper peptides from skinbio. The copper peptide oil-free serum goes on first. Depending on time of year, I dilute my .05% with either aloe vera gel (if my skin is oily) or fragrance and color-free moisturizer (if it's dry). I aslo use it on my nech and back of hands. I buy my Retin-A from a pharmacy overseas- so much cheaper.

Also, remember to wear sunscreen!

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