Perlane Injected in Tear Troughs - San Diego, CA

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I have very deep, natural tear troughs. With age,...

I have very deep, natural tear troughs. With age, (I am 47) they have gotten deeper and darker. I went to a local med spa to inquire about botox for my forehead and I mentioned how I disliked my deep tear troughs and I I was tired of looking tired when I'm not. My nurse told me that I could get filler to correct it and she recommended Perlane.

I decided to go for it and I'm very happy with my results. No more, "Are you sick?", "Wow, you look tired!". Now I get, "You look great!.". I feel better in general now and I plan to redo when the filler wears off.

On my last visit I was told that they no longer recommend Perlane under the eyes and they recommended Selphyl instead. I'm wondering is others have had good results with Perlane in the tear troughs and also Selphyl.
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