Full Ab Lipo, 23 Years Old No Kid, Treating Myself to an Early Birthday Present! - San Diego, CA

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SO! I Set my appointment for my liposuction...

SO! I Set my appointment for my liposuction procedure! I'm starting with my full abdomen area. Then later on, I'll decide if I will pay for flanks , waist, and love handles or just get a personal trainer to help me out.

I'm super pumped ! I can't wait to get my new body!! Can We Say Operation MAKEOVER! This is only the beginning!! I know but I'm still excited. I haven't had a flat stomach since 2010!! My surgeon is hooking me up with a 10% discount off of a price that I was quoted by another surgeon which is why the price is low. The procedure is all inclusive ( garment, medication, 2 follow-ups, local anesthesia) I will not be receiving any massages or be in a recovery house.

I'm getting Liposuctio ( even though doctor recommend to be 20 pounds away from weight lose goal for at least 6 months) I really don't care I Have a good feeling that I will be satisfied with the results and will be a step in the right direction ! So i guess it backwards but I see all these women who have done it this way and know someone personally who also has choose to and they look so bomb ! I already workout and eat pretty good ! I am aware that every one have different results.

I'm mentally prepared for the waiting game!
Prior to surgery I will be doing a colon cleanse by taking super colon cleanse supplements pills, I will do an actual colonic session, eating no meat for the next couple of days lots of veggies and fruit, do a body wrap session

Rescheduled Tumescent Liposuction for 9/15/16

Omg! I'm officially one day away from.my procedure!!

I'm starting with my full abdomen first.

I have all my supplies ready.

Lots of SmartWatwr
Dog Training Pad (to lay on my bes do leakage)
Baby Wipes
Antibotic Ointment
Antibiotic Soap
Daily Vitamin

Personal Preferences :
Stress Relief Candle (Bath &Body works)
Hydrocodone Pain Pill (I need something stronger than Tylenol)
A couple of Redbox movies, Power/ Love and Hip-Hop/ Have&HaveNot Series and books to keep me entertained during recovery!

Pure Protein Shakes

Drinking Pure Protein Shakes from Trader Joe's Breakfast & Lunch

And a Big chicken Salad for dinner

Less than 8 Hours Before Lipo Surgery !! *fist pumps*

I can't sleep, I'm really anticipating and excited about tomorrow!! Ahhhha!

it's Surgery Dayy.. yayyy.. Added more areas!

Added my flanks aka waist area !!

yayyyy!!! I did it !!!

Less than 24 hours Post-surgery

Wish I bought extra garments besides the one surgeon gave to me. Going tomorrow to buy more!
My stomach is draining the anesthesia fluid & it's swollen / brusied.

Not in too much pain. Tired.

Was able to walk around n be a little active , however ,
Edward Jocson

Doctor was cool and straight forward. I don't have anything bad to say

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