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I always believed my vision was just fine, unaware...

I always believed my vision was just fine, unaware I had been adapting to a fuzzy world for years. I didn’t even realize I was constantly squinting in order to see, but eventually I couldn’t get by that way any longer and there began my unwanted, yet necessary relationship with glasses. I spent a decade grudgingly putting up with them, finding over the years I slowly relied on them with more frequency. I always felt self conscious in them and envied friends with excellent vision. Over the years I heard great things about LASIK, and while being free of my dependence on glasses sounded enticing, the thought of taking a laser to my eyeball struck me as too scary. I allowed my fears keep me from seriously considering the procedure; I simply accepted my fate as a four eyes. Then one evening while on vacation, I found myself lost in a sketchy part of town without my glasses. The cityscape around me was a complete blur, making it impossible to get my bearings and I was terrified. As I rushed to find safety, I decided it was time to overcome my fears of the laser and research LASIK.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

I spent a lot of time learning everything I possibly could about LASIK. One article stated “research shows that the surgeon, rather than where the surgery is performed, is the best predictor of the surgery's success.” Reading this reaffirmed it was critical to find the absolute best in the business. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of ClearView was given glowing endorsements by several friends and colleagues who were thrilled by their LASIK results with her. When I visited her website, I saw not only was she recognized as a leading surgeon by Forbes Magazine, but she was also trusted by well known members of the community and fellow surgeons. I decided to entrust my vision to Dr. Feldman and her staff at ClearView. Dr. Feldman is very passionate about her patients and all the benefits they can reap from LASIK. Each of the ladies who worked with me throughout the LASIK process were extremely kind, doing all they could to ensure I felt comfortable and confident about the procedure. One of the things I loved most about my experience at ClearView was how genuinely excited everyone was for me and my new vision. Their enthusiasm and support made me feel that much more confident about getting LASIK done. It is hard to put into words the impact LASIK has had on my life and do it justice. From the moment I sat up following the procedure and could read the eye chart, I knew I had made the best decision. I believe it is a blessing my eyesight has continued to improve since the procedure and I am now seeing 20/10. I feel a little like Dorothy when she leaves home and arrives in Oz to find everything is so bright and colorful; my world went from fuzzy and blah to crystal clear, sparkling hi-def. As an added bonus I can now buy trendy sunglasses just for fun! I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Feldman and it is with the utmost confidence I would recommend her to anyone considering LASIK. She absolutely lived up to her outstanding reputation. Thank you Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and the wonderful staff at ClearView for my newfound visual freedom, I am forever grateful. Emily

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