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I'm 17 years old and just about to graduate from...

I'm 17 years old and just about to graduate from high school. I have wanted braces since 8th grade, but we couldn't afford them. I finally got Invisalign and I am kind of happy that we had to wait. I have each set of aligners on for 12 days then I switch. I got my first set May 8, 2012. I ho put two of the attachments on three times because it woulave 43 sets total and a treatment pan that will take two years. I just got my 3rd set yesterday along with these lovely things called attachments. (sense the sarcasm!) Anyways, I have to have two on one of my front teeth and she isn't putting them on until after the graduation ceremony but I have them all over my mouth and I hate them so much. My teeth are ridiculously rough and my lips get caught on the attachment. My dentist had tdn't stay on, I don't know why. It wasn't painful...just uncomfortable with two sets of hands in my mouth and all.

The first two sets were fantastic, no one could see them and I had only a minor lisp. They were a little painful at first and I freaked out the first day because I couldn't get them off. But now I hate it because I think people are going to notice the outline of the attachments. I am very insecure about my teeth because they are really crooked and awkward. I just wish the attachments weren't so noticeable. I also wish by dentist had told me about attachments because I honestly had no clue. Hopefully they aren't that noticeable, but they are. To me any ways.

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