Embarking on a Journey to Repair Eczema Damage - San Diego, CA

I'm considering a facelift or reconstructive...

I'm considering a facelift or reconstructive surgery to repair damaged caused by eczema. I've had eczema my whole life, which is caused by an allergy to animal dander and dust. It once covered my body with open sores, and when I was 10 years old I was taken to a doctor who gave me a potent prescription cream. In 3 days my skin cleared up. I'm still allergic to dander and dust, and sometimes still experience skin irritation, but it's limited mostly to my hands and face and occasionally my arms and legs. Previous breakouts caused scarring on my cheeks and I'm looking forward to finding the right doctor who can make the damage disappear, and hopefully find a solution to the maddening itching that I encounter. I've heard BOTOX is being used on eczema and I may give that a try, too.

The Journey Continues

I'm in the beginning stages of finding the right treatment for my eczema damaged cheeks and the right doctor to perform the procedure(s). For me, because I'm nearly 55 years old, the recommended treatment is a face lift with upper and lower eye lift. The lift will flatten the scarred areas. I'll also have a chemical peel or micro dermabrasion for any remaining fine lines, then decide if any further smoothing for the scars is necessary. I'm not a big fan of fillers because they seem too short-lived and also costly, but I could be persuaded if a product was proven successful.

Taking My Time

I've consulted with a few very highly recommended PS in San Diego and the consensus among them is consistent; a face lift will significantly smooth the scars and dermabrasion, a chemical peel, or fat transfer will be the final touch to smooth them even further. In order to minimize the damage to the surface of my skin, I'm leaning toward the fat transfer because I can see how plumping the skin would give more lift beneath the scars and fill the out. What I like about fat transfer (unlike fillers), if done by an experienced PS and the fat becomes viable, it is permanent. I've had mostly positive experiences with the doctors I've consulted with, and have one more to go before making my final decision. I'm planning to have the procedures done mid June. So stay tuned.
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