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Back pain has progressively gotten worse over the...

Back pain has progressively gotten worse over the years. It's now unbearable and working a 40 work week is not possible anymore. Thank God I've got my pain documented with my doc for the past three years or so. My primary doctor is amazing. Best doc I've ever had in my 44 years. I explained my concerns and he jumped right on it. I'm on a HMO and his office immediately sent a request to the board for a referral. Not even a week later it was approved and I had an apt. with a plastic surgeon. It went well. Pictures/measurements taken, data collected. All resubmitted to the board. Within 3 weeks I was actually approved for surgery. WhoooooRah!!! I can't even explain how excited I was. I called all my close friends gushing with happiness. I had my blood work, chest x-ray and EKG done all with good results. My chronic upper/lower, shoulder and neck pain will soon be gone. My posture will be corrected once I put some work into it. My rashes will stop showing their ugly faces. Bras will finally fit. BLOUSES WILL LOOK NICE! As others have said, I'm overjoyed with excitement but of course nervous of the actual operation. My pre-op appointment is in a few days at which I'll find out much more. My biggest concern is not a botched surgery, it is that not enough grams will be taken off. I've carried this weight for 33 years, vanity is completely out the window now. All I care about is pain relief and regaining my life again. Can anyone offer some short but sweet questions I should be asking my PS next Wed? Anything is appreciated...thanks!

Everything went well. Currently at home recovering...

Everything went well. Currently at home recovering. I was not anticipating instant upper/lower back, neck and shoulder relief, but to my surprise I am pain free (with the exception of my incisions of course.) Best birthday present I've ever received. I should have done this many years ago but I'm glad I took the leap now.
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