Consultation Review: Wonderful Doctor but Not the Doctor for Me - San Diego, CA

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I'm not sure how helpful this review will be for...

I'm not sure how helpful this review will be for others because I didn't end up having surgery with Dr. Pousti. However, I have nothing but positive feelings about him. He helped me with a seroma I developed from a procedure from another doctor and he put up with me and all of my indecisiveness. He even helped me to find and arrange a facial plastic surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty at the same time as my breast procedure so I only had to have one surgery. His staff was also so accommodating and caring as well. I leave with nothing but positive feelings.

In the end I had reservations about the type of lift I needed and I'm not having the surgery after all. I went in and had a long talk with Dr. Pousti about my ultimate wish picture goals. We discussed my concerns about my risks of possibly developing complications. I showed him my wish pictures and pictures of results I don't like, to find out if I'm even being realistic with my expectations and if my expectations can be achieved with the type of procedure we had initial decided on. He spent well over two hours speaking with me.

In the long run, we both mutually decided, what I was hoping to achieve could not be done with a donut lift and larger implant alone. I need a more invasive lift and I'm not ready for that at this time. I have some important events coming up and don't want to risk missing then due to healing issues that are a higher risk with a full lift.

I'm getting a refund minus my deposit, putting my money in a savings account and going a different direction some time down the road. It was a really positive visit and I'm glad I worked up the nerve to do it. He was kind and understanding after his initial surprise at my reservations.

I realized I had not, up until now, communicated clearly what I truly wanted and hadn't listened to myself enough. It was actually a not so great review that gave me pause to really think things through and create a long lists of questions to ask and in the end it turned out what he had pictured I wanted and I had pictured I wanted were different and the surgery would need to be more invasive than I'm ready for at this time.

I think Dr. Pousti tries very hard to do the best for every person who comes in his office but sometimes miscommunication happens and some aspects of recovery are not under his control. I realized I could have been an unhappy patient because I was not communicating effectively up until that point. I truly believe Dr. Pousti is a genuinely nice person who wants everyone to be beyond thrilled with their results.

The refund process went smoothly and I consider the nonrefundable deposit I lost an educational expense, lol! Dr. Pousti taught me a lot about the procedure I will eventually have, left the door open for me to continue to bounce ideas off of him and I learned a lesson in communication skills.

All and all, I'm very glad I almost had surgery with him lol! I hope this review helps someone. Thank you!
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Please see my long review. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Pousti and his staff.

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