3 Sets of Implants Currently 525cc Round Textured Sientra 5'8" 130# - Time for an Exit Strategy - San Diego, CA

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I have decided to document my journey with...

I have decided to document my journey with implants. I had started this earlier, but to my horror, the background in my pictures was very identifiable and I had to remove it. I will be smarter about it this time!

When I was 18 (I was flat as a board) I saved enough money to get my first set of saline implants 190cc. I believe they were 1,800$ and were put in by a medical student. They were terrible and I got CC in one breast immediately. When I turned 25 I had my second set of implants, 450cc saline textured. They weren't great and I had severe rippling in the cleavage area. A year and a half ago I decided I was going all in and pay the big bucks to get them fixed. 10,500$ to be exact. They are 525cc sientra round textured mods. Not only are they not aesthetically to my liking, they are very uncomfortable. I am now on my journey to explant - but am terrified. I will take you through my journey and add pictures. I am not including my recent surgeon on this review, becuase it may put him in a bad light. Something he doesn't deserve. I see a lot of surgeons get bashed on here, and while understandable in certain cases - I don't think this case warrants that. The pictures you see won't be pretty, but they are the reality. I want this review to be educational, hopefully to younger women so they understand the relationship you embark on with your breasts when receiving a BA at a very young age.


First off I want to say, I love Realself. Initially I hated the fact that I even needed to be on here, but given the situation it's educational and a nice outlet for those that need it. There are so many different "groups" of women here and I find it fascinating. Women just now getting implants, women with multiple revisions, the XL implant women, the explant women etc. I just want to say it's awesome and I respect all of them. To each their own if you will. I love that we are all so different.

A little about me.... Well, let's rewind. A little about my 18 year old self getting implants. I was what you'd call "nipples on a rib cage" and I just wanted to be normal. So I got my little boobs. I was happy, I felt normal.

The thing about implants is that they don't necessarily evolve with the person they are implanted in. I am not superficial, but I sure love my body. I love to use it physically, sexually, and maternally. Problem is, those categories have not always been equal throughout my life.

When I was 18, I was active, and my implants suited this. Sure I was sexual but I didn't even know how to use my body at that point, and I certainly wasn't ready to be maternal and produce milk for a baby.

Fast forward to my second set. 450cc salines. I was a successful bartender and they did the trick. But then it was time for babies. I can't tell you the anguish I went through trying to produce milk for my babies. It's all I wanted in life. I wanted to provide milk for the little creatures I had created and I just could not. It was heartbreaking and I was angry at myself.

Now me today. I am in my late 30s and could give a rats ass what I look like in clothes. My definition of sexy is so different than what it was in my 20s. Sure, I find large natural fatty breasts very sexy, but I also love the look of small little ski sloped breasts. For ME (not everyone else) big fake breasts are not sexy during sex. In my late 30s I am very much a sexual being and these breasts just don't suit me in that department.

Where I went wrong with my last revision is thinking I could have "natural" soft feeling larger breasts. I was wrong. It just was not physically possible and I wish I had known this.

So, I will post a few pics....

Me with 450 saline moderate plus

This is me before my most recent revision. I wanted to get rid of the rippling, have a more natural feel and look (naked, not in clothing). At this point in my life, I am all about using my breasts in the bedroom.

This is me with 525cc sientra silicone mod plus

So here I am after my big 10,500$ revision - all the problems in their glory. In hindsight I wish I deflated the saline in office to see what I was working with. Possibly get another set, but I certainly wouldn't have gone bigger. It just doesn't physically make sense.

Explant Confirmed

D-day is on the horizon. I have confirmed with my surgeon that I will be getting an explant in the very near future.

My surgeon is electing to do a capsulectomy, which I am nervous about. However at the end of the day, I am not nervous going under the knife with him, which is what matters.

Shit is about to hit the fan, and because of all of the brave woman who have posted their less than desirable outcomes I am able to walk into the line of fire with some sense of calmness.

My dream is to have some miraculous plastic surgery miracle and be able to post a jaw dropping experience. I've seen quite a few out there. Not sure I have the ability to be one, but for now I will fantasize.

My explant journal will be up shortly. To all of the women that have posted their results, pretty or not - my red and swollen post pity party crying eyes thank you.

Explant 525cc Sientra Textured Inplants with Dr. Pousti

When I originally came on realself to find a revisionary surgeon I scoffed at the number of reviews Dr. Pousti had. I thought for certain he would not have time for me and I would certainly walk out of his office with enormous tits.

I can say with utmost certainty, Dr. Pousti does not have a mission to get as many XL implants into as many women as possible. Nor are his reviews fake. He is a surgeon that listens to his patients’ unique desires in order to achieve their goals. Big boobs are like large tattoos to me. I think they’re really cool and like to look at them, but I sure don’t want them, and know I sure wouldn’t judge you if you do.  And while I don’t need to gush on Dr. Pousti too much, as he gets it from all angles, he truly is an extraordinary and special man. I have followed him on Realself very closely over the last two years with skeptical eyes. I have consulted with him twice. He is the real deal, truly a legend in his industry. I’d bet money even most of his peers would agree, even if they don’t want to admit it. He is the definition of a specialist.  Sadly, for my recent revision BA I chose a different surgeon. I wanted to get rid of ripples and palpability. At this stage in my life I am a sexual creature and don’t want to be self conscious about how my breasts feel to someone else’s hands. I don’t care if I look flat in clothing. I somehow came out of the revision with huge textured implants. Notorious for ripples and palpability in thin patients. Total capsulectomy on both sides when I did not have palpable cc. It was a huge and very expensive disappointment to say the least and now I have very uncomfortable breasts.  In my initial consultation I was wooed by statements such as “breast augmentation is an art form”. Sure, it is, but we all like different art. In hindsight, a red flag should have been my surgeon pointing to my “patient care advocate” and noting that she was also tall and had a similar ccs he was suggesting. It makes sense now as she is his wife.  Bottom line, my previous surgeon who will always remain anonymous so I can vent a little, was a very nice and undoubtedly a sound surgeon. My nipples did not fall off, I was not botched, they “look” better than my previous set. He was so nice he offered to do my explant for free. Unfortunately, I could not bring myself to let someone perform surgery on me when upon implant these were the “last pair of implants I’d need” and upon explant they may cause cancer and I would be needing yet another total capsulectomy. Well, shit. If I end up needing one, fine, but I can’t go into this with that statement. I just don’t have enough breast tissue for it. These implants literally feel like two coconut shells velcroed to my chest wall.  Enough bitching and moaning (thank god, my industry doesn’t have this platform), I am excited to say, I have paid my deposit to explant with Pousti. It’s not going to be pretty, but I am still going in excited. Truthfully, I’d almost bet I will get another set of implants. I will explant first, let my skin retract and see what I am working with and then put a smaller smooth silicone implant, just enough for a handful with the possible use of allograft – once I can save enough money. What’s sad is, I probably could have achieved that at the Pousti office for the same price I paid for my recent revision. But again, I digress.  I am so terribly embarrassed about the amount of money spent on my chest, but it is what it is. Life and one of the main dishes of life, sex, is just so much more enjoyable when you are happy with your body – whatever size or shape that may be.  Here’s to healthy happy titties both big and small, real and fake : D

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