3 Sets of Implants Currently 525cc Round Textured Sientra 5'8" 130# - Time for an Exit Strategy - San Diego, CA

I have decided to document my journey with...

I have decided to document my journey with implants. I had started this earlier, but to my horror, the background in my pictures was very identifiable and I had to remove it. I will be smarter about it this time!

When I was 18 (I was flat as a board) I saved enough money to get my first set of saline implants 190cc. I believe they were 1,800$ and were put in by a medical student. They were terrible and I got CC in one breast immediately. When I turned 25 I had my second set of implants, 450cc saline textured. They weren't great and I had severe rippling in the cleavage area. A year and a half ago I decided I was going all in and pay the big bucks to get them fixed. 10,500$ to be exact. They are 525cc sientra round textured mods. Not only are they not aesthetically to my liking, they are very uncomfortable. I am now on my journey to explant - but am terrified. I will take you through my journey and add pictures. I am not including my recent surgeon on this review, becuase it may put him in a bad light. Something he doesn't deserve. I see a lot of surgeons get bashed on here, and while understandable in certain cases - I don't think this case warrants that. The pictures you see won't be pretty, but they are the reality. I want this review to be educational, hopefully to younger women so they understand the relationship you embark on with your breasts when receiving a BA at a very young age.


First off I want to say, I love Realself. Initially I hated the fact that I even needed to be on here, but given the situation it's educational and a nice outlet for those that need it. There are so many different "groups" of women here and I find it fascinating. Women just now getting implants, women with multiple revisions, the XL implant women, the explant women etc. I just want to say it's awesome and I respect all of them. To each their own if you will. I love that we are all so different.

A little about me.... Well, let's rewind. A little about my 18 year old self getting implants. I was what you'd call "nipples on a rib cage" and I just wanted to be normal. So I got my little boobs. I was happy, I felt normal.

The thing about implants is that they don't necessarily evolve with the person they are implanted in. I am not superficial, but I sure love my body. I love to use it physically, sexually, and maternally. Problem is, those categories have not always been equal throughout my life.

When I was 18, I was active, and my implants suited this. Sure I was sexual but I didn't even know how to use my body at that point, and I certainly wasn't ready to be maternal and produce milk for a baby.

Fast forward to my second set. 450cc salines. I was a successful bartender and they did the trick. But then it was time for babies. I can't tell you the anguish I went through trying to produce milk for my babies. It's all I wanted in life. I wanted to provide milk for the little creatures I had created and I just could not. It was heartbreaking and I was angry at myself.

Now me today. I am in my late 30s and could give a rats ass what I look like in clothes. My definition of sexy is so different than what it was in my 20s. Sure, I find large natural fatty breasts very sexy, but I also love the look of small little ski sloped breasts. For ME (not everyone else) big fake breasts are not sexy during sex. In my late 30s I am very much a sexual being and these breasts just don't suit me in that department.

Where I went wrong with my last revision is thinking I could have "natural" soft feeling larger breasts. I was wrong. It just was not physically possible and I wish I had known this.

So, I will post a few pics....

Me with 450 saline moderate plus

This is me before my most recent revision. I wanted to get rid of the rippling, have a more natural feel and look (naked, not in clothing). At this point in my life, I am all about using my breasts in the bedroom.

This is me with 525cc sientra silicone mod plus

So here I am after my big 10,500$ revision - all the problems in their glory. In hindsight I wish I deflated the saline in office to see what I was working with. Possibly get another set, but I certainly wouldn't have gone bigger. It just doesn't physically make sense.
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