Asian, 31, 5' 2", 100lbs, 32B to Full C - San Diego, CA

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Day 2 Post Op (Long Write Up)

Wasn't able to finish uploading pics before, but think we got it figured it now. :)

Just want to let everyone know that this review is being written by the Husband, as my Wife isn't really into doing all the research and/or writing about this stuff. However, I personally spent lots of time on RealSelf learning from all of you and your experiences, and we both feel that we owe it to you to repay you, by sharing our experience also.

We've been talking about her getting a Breast Aug for almost a year now and the timing finally worked out to do it. We had visited with 3 different local Surgeons, two of them Board Certified, one not. I have been reading as much as I could about this subject for many months now, learning as much as possible to make my Wife's experience as comfortable & successful as possible....especially in whatever aspects of it that are under our control.

Obviously one of those aspects is choosing the Surgeon to do her work. Going to the 3 different Doctors and asking them questions and seeing how they answered as well as the steps they went through to determine the proper size of implant to use was one of many determining factors in our final decision to go with Dr. Gupta. It is now almost two days after her surgery when I am writing this and as of right now, we are extremely pleased with the entire process thus far.

Dr. Gupta showed the most sincere desire to help my Wife look like how SHE wanted to look. He seems to gravitate towards an extremely natural looking result and that's exactly what we wanted. The thing I liked the most about Dr. Gupta was watching him measure and re-measure the different areas of my Wife's chest & current breasts to help advise us of which sizes and options we had to choose from.

Our Pre-Op appointment with Dr. Gupta was the most through where he explained all of our choices and the pros & cons of each available choice. I told my Wife and the Dr. to choose the final size, as I never wanted to be responsible for her going to big or to I made my Wife some rice sizers ranging from 275cc to 400cc in 25cc increments and she liked the 325's & 350's the best. This helped give us a baseline idea of what we were looking for as a final result.

In my opinion, my Wife has really nice shaped breasts, although she (and I) would love for them to be just a little fuller. The idea for implants started popping into our minds when she would occasionally wear a PlayBoy Push Up bra, advertising that it "Adds 2 Cup Sizes". She (and I) loved the look of that bra underneath certain tops & blouses. Thus, the idea of actually making a (semi) permanent change. She started talking to some friends of hers that have done it and asking questions, as well as to my own Mother who had it done 15+ years ago.

After all the questions, Surgeon visits, months of reading on RealSelf and other sites, wearing Rice Sizers and trying different sizers on at the Dr.'s offices, we decided on Mentor MemoryGel (Silicone), 325cc Smooth Round, Moderate Plus. Dr. Gupta told her that it would likely result in her being a full C cup and buying most bras in a 34C and perhaps even a D cup at Victoria's Secret, where their sizes typically run a little smaller.

At this point, my Wife has been doing very well. She's taking less than half of the prescribed pain medicine and discomfort has been minimal. Antibiotics are being taken exactly as prescribed and just started with some Colace as well to help move things along. I have her on a diet consisting of mostly water, tapioca pudding, bananas, mangos, soup, saltine crackers, multigrain crackers, wheat toast with honey, coconut water and jello.

She says that her right side is a little tighter and up a little higher than her left side. This is to be expected as she is right-handed so the muscle tissue is stronger, bigger and more dense on that side I assume.

For two weeks prior to surgery, she was massaging in Palmers Cocoa Butter "for stretch marks" daily, to help soften her skin on her chest & breasts as much as possible and prepare it for the effects of surgery. A women's multi-vitamin as well as extra vitamin E and lots of water were also used and will continue. Tomorrow, (Day 3) she wants to try making the switch to Extra Strength Tylenol and get off the Vicodin completely. We will update how that goes.

I personally think her lack of great pain is a tribute to Dr. Gupta's skills & techniques and also a reflection of the surgical team at his disposable where he performed the Surgery; at the Rancho Bernardo Surgery Center. From the Nurses to the Anesthesiologist, they were all really, really great. Very professional, but also very caring and sincere.

We have been given permission to remove the bra & gauze tomorrow so she can shower and we will get some updated pics at that time.

Thanks for reading. :)

Day 3 Post Op

Riding tight, high and "square" as expected, especially on the right side as she is left handed.

Have now switched to Tylenol Extra Strength, 2 pills every 6 hours. Antibiotics and Colace and multivitamins continue. Went out for movies & sushi today. She did very well. Everything is done slowly & carefully.

Also showered today....very careful to keep the incision area as dry as possible. Also icing here & there while she is laying down. Also still sleeping on a 45 degree pillow since day 1.

Something I thought of today that I hadn't seen on Real Self before was that it comes in very handy to have an electric toothbrush for the first few days to a week after surgery so when she brushes her teeth, she doesn't have to move her arm back & forth so much.

Here's a couple of photo updates. One in a zip up sports bra from WalMart and one with everything removed.

One week post op

Went to see her Surgeon a few days ago for the one week follow up appt. He said everything is looking great and instructed us on how to start doing some simple massages to get things moving & dropping. We continue massaging with Palmers Cocoa Butter to keep her skin supple. It's easily apparent that her right side is a little more tense due to the muscle fibers being more dense on that side as she is right-handed. So, that side gets a little more attention during massage.

As of this writing (10 days Post Op) she is currently taking 1/2 a Tylenol every 10-12 hours, as the pain is gone and it is more of just a slightly uncomfortable feeling once in awhile. She is no longer icing, but is still sleeping on the 45 degree pillow. Will probably continue that until the 2 week mark or so.

They are gradually getting softer & softer and she is able to handle more pressure during the massages as each day passes. I have her do it herself sometimes and then I will help also and I have her tell me on a scale of 1-10 her pain level, so that I stay somewhere around level 5.

No major issues or complaints at this point. Everything is coming along really nicely and looking good. She has mentioned twice now that she thinks she could have gone bigger, but I think once they fully drop and take their final shape, she will be quite pleased. We told Dr. Gupta from the beginning that we were looking for a very natural result......right on the border of "Are those real or fake". We didn't want anyone to know right away that she had work done. We wanted to keep people guessing and I think Dr. Gupta nailed it perfectly. During the sizing process, he recommended not going larger than 350cc. As we went with 325, the difference to 350 is likely not even noticeable anyways, so I think we made the right choice.
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As of Day 2 Post Op, I would definitely recommend Dr. Gupta to anyone looking for a Plastic Surgeon that you can trust to help you look your best.

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