28 Yo, Breastfed Two Kids, BA to Increase Size and Fullness

After two consultations I decided to schedule my...

After two consultations I decided to schedule my Breast Augmentation with Dr. Pousti. I have been considering a BA for years, but wanted to have kids before going through with it. I am now done having children so it's time!!!
My first experience with Dr. Pousti was great! His staff is very kind and helpful. He took 10+ minutes just getting to know my husband and I before even talking about boobs. My impression of him is that he genuinely cares about his patients and their happiness with the outcome of the surgery. He has a VERY type A personality (just like me) and is definitely a perfectionist. Not only does he have the experience and schooling to back up his practice, but he also keeps in touch with his patients so he can monitor their long term results.
He asked me more questions than I asked him. It was definitely a double sided interview, we were both feeling each other out. He actually turns patients away that he feels are not requesting plastic surgery for the right reasons, which I found very comforting. It showed me that he did not NEED my business, but was more concerned about our ideas meshing and having the best outcome possible.
Another thing I immediately loved about his practice was how he didn't dwell on bra size or CC's. Every body is different and the same size implant is going to look different on each woman. Instead he relies on goal pictures selected by the patient to communicate exactly what she wants (size, fullness, placement, etc). This is totally against my type A personality to turn over such a big decision to him, but I feel completely confident that I will end up with exactly what I want!
I am going in for my pre op soon and I just so excited!!!

Where I'm starting

I'm a lifter. I have been working at powerlifting for a year and a half now and I LOVE it. That being said, eating low fat, high protein and working out so much has taken away the small amount of breast tissue I had. I'm at about 13% body fat right now and plan to drop down a little bit more for some fitness competitions after my breast augmentation. My surgeon suggested I stay away from bench press, pull ups, and push-ups for quite some time after my surgery. I'll add my wish pics next! I'm not going with big implants 300-350cc at the absolute most.

Wish pics

One Week Out! Any Preparation recommendations? And my approach to quick healing

One week out! just got over stomach flu and a cold but I'm feeling great now! I've still been pushing it really hard at the gym and continuing to increase my max weights. Before the flu I bench pressed 130 pounds! Super excited about that, new PR! Now I'm focusing on getting my household in order so everything runs smoothly while I'm recovering. I'd love to hear preparation ideas! I'm going to make some freezer meals, grocery shop, deep clean bathrooms, kitchen, etc since I won't be able to for a while.
I've been doing tons of research on supplements and things I can do to speed up recovery and make things as easy as possible on my body. First, I will be extremely strict on my diet. I'm taking this opportunity to really reign in my diet! Low carb, very high protein. I'll be consuming 140 grams of protein each day, lots of water, and healthy vegetables! As soon as my surgeon says it ok I'll be taking fish oil supplements, tumeric, bromelain, and circumen! I researched arnica as well, but the studies I read said it was no more effective than the placebo pill.
Overall, I'm excited! A little worried they will be too big or too small, but I completely trust my surgeon and I know he has the expertise to give me exactly what I want!

Less than a day to go!

I have been sooooo busy getting things ready around my house. Kids are ahead on schoolwork (I homeschool), reinforcements in the form of grandma are on their way, and I have all of my supplements/food ready. I'm not nervous about the actual surgery, but I am concerned about throwing up afterward. I have a pretty weak stomach lol. I'll update soon!!!

Goal poster

Just got to the surgery center!

Waiting to go back. Just signed in. Here's the last pre op pic, taken this morning. Can't wait to fill this out better!

Pre op pic

Morning of surgery.

Day 1 post op

Feeling good! My breasts actually don't hurt at all, feels more like my rib cage. Got up and walked a few laps around my house last night and this morning. The actual surgery went off without a hitch! My surgeon and I discussed exactly what I wanted and I took a poster board in with me with all of my goal photos. I let him choose how many cc's I need to get the outcome I wanted, so going into surgery all I knew was that I'd get somewhere between 275 and 350cc's. Doctor ended up using 325's, which I think looks perfect on my frame! Haven't peeked at the yet, but did unzip my sweater and look at my side profile with my surgical bra on. My husband has been amazing! Keeping track of my meds, bringing me food and water, and taking care of our 4 kids. Going to start some herbal supplements today (I went over them with my doctor). Plan for the day is to eat a perfect recovery diet, stay up on my meds, walk slow laps around my house, and sit in bed a lot!


Here is my supplement list! I won't be starting fish oil until 5 days post op (doctor's orders since it is a blood thinner). My husband did all of the research for me and bought these supplements based on peer reviews journals and case studies that showed the were effective post op. I'm also taking Valium (which has been soooo helpful) and Percocet (which I don't feel like is making much of a difference at all so I may stop taking it today).

Surgical bra

I called my surgeon's office yesterday and asked if I could remove the band at the bottom of the bra as the Velcro was scratching my skin. I didn't realize the band was actually connected to the bra (sewn in lol). The nurse did say I can loosen it a bit and adjust it so the Velcro wasn't touching my skin. After I undid the Velcro I couldn't help but take a peek in the bra lol! And that was a bad idea. Wowza my pain went through the roof! So I learned my lesson, don't undo the clasps on the bra! I feel like a dummy! BUT: they look fabulous!!! I didn't see any bruising at all. So the plan for today is to take it easy, stay on my meds, take my supplements, and eat a perfectly balanced diet. Last night I sat outside and watched our animals frolic around as the sun set. It really made my day! We have a small family farm and because I am forced to slow down right now I'm seeing so much more of the beauty around me ?


Can't really see much besides my bloated belly lol. I miss my abs! I don't see any bruising so far and I'm feeling great! Hardest thing has been trying to sit up from a reclined position, but I haven't needed help getting up at all today. Small pillows under my elbows have been great, and I'm continuing to stretch my back, walk around, and keep up on my nutrition.

Day 4

4 days post op! My surgeon called me yesterday to check on me and advised me to start weaning off the prescription pain meds. I was a little worried about it but decided to try this morning. I'm keeping up with the Valium because I'm still having muscle spasms (they start about 45 minutes before I'm due for my next does of Valium). But I stopped taking the Percocet and switched to 800 mg ibuprofen and I'm feeling great! I took a bath this morning up to my waist and even shaved my legs! ???????? I'm standing up much straighter today rather than hunching over. I was thinking as I was soaking in the tub, comparing this to other painful things Ive gone through (tonsils, wisdom teeth, and natural childbirth). This is definitely the easiest lol! Looking forward to my first post op tomorrow so I can get a good look at my new breasts!

5 days post op

Ive been off all prescription meds for about 36 hours. Just taking ibuprofen and all of my supplements. Feeling wonderful! I went and had my hair washed/styled this morning at a salon and I feel so good! This recovery has been a breeze. I opened up my bra today for a second because I just couldn't help it! I LOVE my breasts. Perfect size, and they look much less "frankenboobish" than I expected. My surgeon picked the implant size during surgery based on goal pictures I provided and verbal communication and he nailed it! I have zero bruising, and I just can't wait for the next few weeks to see how they change. I'm feeling awesome and so ready to get back to the gym for very light workouts (slow treadmill walking and no resistance biking). Crossing my fingers my surgeon clears me for light workouts. I also drove a car this morning, which went fine. I have my first post op appointment today and I'm looking forward to it! My only complaint is that my skin is itchy. It reminds me of when I was very pregnant and my skin was stretching so quickly it started itching. Going to ask if I can start applying some coconut oil or something to hydrate my skin and help the itching. I guess I have another complaint: I want all of the marker off of me lol! Also want to wash my surgical bra asap. I feel like Ive been sweating more than normal, especially at night. Anyways, LOVE my breasts and I am absolutely thrilled with my surgeon. He's the best!


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