Accutane for Severe Keratosis Pilaris Combined with Severe Non-systic Acne - San Diego, Ca

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I was diagnosed for severe Keratosis Pilaris...

I was diagnosed for severe Keratosis Pilaris combined with shoulder and back acne (not systic but prevalent). I was afraid to wear short sleeves and dropped out of activities I was so embarrassed about my skin. Nothing worked. I was also tested for Pityrosporum folliculitis and found negative. After a year of trying various creams, rubs, antibiotics etc.., I finally changed doctors and found one that was willing to prescribe accutane. We started at a low dose, 20 mg.. Wow! What a result! Within two weeks, I started to clear. It has now been four months and my skin is beautiful! I never had to go to a higher dose. The only side effect is dry lips so far. My labs have been great, no changes in cholesterol etc.. Even the significant scarring that had occured has almost completely faded. I can't even express how very grateful I am for this product. It has changed my life! I can't wait to go visit my first doctor and show him how wrong he was about Accutane and whether it would work for Keratosis Pilaris and my acne. It did and I am so glad I decided to get another doctor. He didn't think it was worth the risks or side effects. Totally wrong, and totally worth it! I hope others with this problem consider this as something to try. It is so painful to have problem skin and there is a product out there that actually works!

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