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I'm 5 weeks away from getting a BA and the closer...

I'm 5 weeks away from getting a BA and the closer I get to my operation, the more excited/nervous I get! I've been wanting to do this for myself since I was 17! Now that I'm done with college and a working adult, I decided it's time to treat myself! I went through 3 consultations (1 in Beverly Hills and 2 in San Diego) and ultimately decided to go with Dr.G in my home town (San Diego, CA). Out of all the MDs, he actually wanted to know what kind of look I was going for and I even learned some information about implants! Based on his knowledge and attentiveness to detail , I trust that he will give me a beautiful outcome. Here are some pictures of what I'm starting with (not much) :/

Shaped or round implants??

I think I have about 50 wish pictures and I want to narrow them down to 5-10 for my pre op appointment. Prior to looking through real self, I wanted to go for a bit B/small C. But now that I've looked at pictures, I'm thinking a full C would look nice. During my consultation, my PS took some measurements and suggested 385-400cc round or shaped silicone implants. He said I have adequate tissue for either implant and I really wish he didn't say that because now I don't know what to get! I showed him some wish pics I had in my phone and he said the majority of them were round implants so I may go with that.

Also, Patients with round implants seem to have closer cleavage versus pts with shaped implants. However, I believe it depends on the patient's anatomy. And of course, the type of look I'm going for. I still have until sept 19th to make a decision. What's your take on shaped vs. round implants ladies?

Surgery Time confirmed!

Got an email from my patient coordinator and it's confirmed that I will be having my surgery at 10:15 AM on October 10th! I'm exited but super nervous! It's really happening!

Preop done!

Surgery's paid in full and I'm set for 10:15AM! I'll be showing up an hour early at the surgery center in La Jolla. My sister and boyfriend came with me and there was a long debate on whether I should get round or shaped implants. My patient coordinator noticed that some of my wish pics were of women with shaped ones. So that put me on the fence for a good while and I ultimately decided to go with round. I told my PS that I was fine with a little roundness but not that "bolt on" fake look. I really believe that my PS wants to give me beautiful results so I trust him. He will be ordering 375, 405, and 435 cc cohesive gel mod high profile by sientra. They feel pretty soft so hopefully they'll be that way inside me! Haha

9 days away till I have bewbsss!!

I got my scripts filled and was expecting to pay over $100 like most of the ladies on here have talked about, but I ended up only having to pay $37! I guess I have great health insurance!

I was prescribed:
Singulair (didn't know I had to take this for a whole month!)
Phenergan suppository

Wish boobs

Found some amazing results from fellow RealSelf ladies :)

Wearing a 400cc sizer

May go with 375, 405, or 435 moderate high profile sientra textured gummy bears. May just ask my PS if we should go with the 435s. I'm just worried about boob greed! I definitely don't want to look top heavy though.

Love this set up!

Glad I picked up this pillow for my back! Only 5 more days to go! Neck pillow's ($12?) from Amazon and the backrest is from Target($17) :)

Last minute items

Went to target today and purchased these comfy house slippers and button up pj sets!

Morning of

It's the morning of my surgery and all I can think about is food! I can't believe this is the last time I'll be with my tiny boobies! Not sure why, but I'm kinda sad about it.

I survived! A

Well it's been 12 hours since I've had my boobies. I'm feeling pretty sore and didn't realize how much I use my pec muscles until today hahaha. I've take a peek every now and then and I can already tell they're gonna look pretty good! Upper pole isn't too defined like I had asked Dr G not to do, and the size looks good so far (my pec muscles are smashing them though). I'm pretty numb in the lower pole and in my nipples. I'm gonna take my antibiotic and a Valium before I go to bed.

I ended up with sientra round textured mod high profile 415cc, submuscular, through the inframammory crease

Post Op Day 1

Super sore today and actually had a BM! (Sorry, TMI) but I think it's mostly because I haven't been on percs around the clock. I actually opted for the exparel injections and I think they might've helped. I still need help getting out of deep seats and can't raise my arms or reach back to their full extent. I can't imagine what it would've been like without them.

Today I had 3 colace (OTC), lots of water, prunes and a squatty potty (I highly recommend it) from Amazon. I honestly thought it would take days to have a BM and I'm a pretty happy camper right now hahaha.

Here's some pics from this morning. Definitely high and tight, minimal bruising at the incisions. The two steri strips in the middle are where my doc injected exparel. I spoke to him last night and he said I'm free to take a shower today. That'll be interesting hah. Tomorrows my post op appt!

Post op day 1 photos didn't upload

Let's try this again.

Post op day 1 photos. If this doesn't post, I'll try again later...

Post op Day 1 photos that didn't upload

Post Op Day 2 and first follow up spot with Dr G

My boyfriend took me to my post op appt at noon today. Doc says everything looks good (swelling as expected, no signs of hematoma). I have bruising on my incisions which was caused by the retractors used to open up the incisions during surgery. I told him I applied bio oil to prevent stretch marks (didn't seem like he thought it would make a difference but said it would be fine to do it anyways).

I showed him some bras I bought before surgery. One of them is a sports bra from target, but he didn't like the padding so I'll save that for later. Second bra was a coobie from Amazon which I can wear but I'd need to remove the padding. Third bra was a simple Hanes bra with no padding but has separate stitched cups, which was ok'd by Dr G. I also have another sports bra with removable pads from forever 21 but that ish is way too tight. So basically all of the bras ok'd by dr G are all pull over bras and I can barely raise my arms hahaha.

So after my appt, we walked around the shops at solana beach with my trex arms. I swear people were looking at me like "wth is wrong with that girl?" But I minded my own business hah. Then we stopped by target and grabbed these amazingly soft bras by Hanes. I'll attach a photo of them (I'm currently wearing the blue one) if RealSelf allows me. And POD 2 boobies :)

End of POD 3

Boobs are feeling pretty tight today. I've been able to get in and out of the car/bed way easier. I only took a Valium and 1000mg of Tylenol this AM. I was able to go out and have lunch with my boyfriend and we walked around the mall. I do notice that I get tired and tight towards the end of the day. I'm still walking with trex arms (maybe not as retracted haha) but I'm super cautious of people bumping into me. I told my bf that I'd probably cry if I was bumped into haha. Anyways, here are some pics!


Hey ladies! Each day has been getting better for me. I can actually dress myself! It still takes some time but I can actually pull my pants up! Haha. Still avoiding putting bras/tops over my head. This morning I took a Valium and 1000mg of Tylenol, slept for a few more hours and got up at 11. I was good off meds for the rest of the day. My boyfriend and I walked around balboa park, shopped at the viejas outlets (trying on clothes was difficult haha), and even went out for dinner! Oh yeah...the bloating's been real today.

I definitely feel like my implants still aren't a part of me. I feel a constant pressure on my top right implant (dominant side) and I think I even feel them near my arm pits (weird). swelling looks better and my cleavage might even be a little more visible now. Bending over's actually a little painful too....Feels like my inner muscles are getting pulled.

I wore a coobie bra the entire day and it was super comfy! I ended up buying more on Amazon and got free 1 day shipping. Gotta love Amazon prime :)

Here's a photo in the coobie bra without the pads in lavender, and I also added a photo of my implant ID card. I find it funny that I have to notify any doc I come across that I have fake boobies now haha


My energy level was pretty down today. I'm thinking it's because of all the walking I did yesterday or possibly the Valium I took this AM. Morning boob is pretty annoying but I'll deal with it. Here's a pic of my boobs in a target tank and some homeopathic remedies my bf picked up for me at CVS.

Morning Boob

Today marks a week!!!
Just woke up and my boobs actually don't hurt as bad this morning. I took a Valium last night because showering kinda hurt them. I think swelling has gone down a bit but bloating is still there..

1 week post op (posting a day late)

Hey ladies! Recovery this week has had its ups and downs. I'm able to shower on my own..pretty much do anything but still have some discomfort. I hate that I can't sleep on my side yet. My back actually hurts more than my boobs right now haha. The sides of my ribs are still sore and tender. The bottom of my right boob is more numb than my left and when I do my arm exercises (slowly moving my finger tips up against a wall in front of me and to the side) I definitely feel that my right is tighter. As I type this, I feel random pinches in my left nipple but it's more of an annoyance than actual pain.

I had been on RS for months before getting my BA and read about boob greed on just about every account. On the day of my surgery I told my doc that I trusted his judgement. I didn't want to look top heavy or just disproportionate. However, now that it's done, I occasionally will ask my bf or my mom if I should've gone bigger. I feel like they disappear in loose clothing. My bf keeps reminding me that I did my research and knew I wouldn't see their full potential for 6mo to a year. I'm just so impatient and "boob greed" is real. I think they look good on my frame when I take pictures of them or when I look at them in the mirror, but when I look down i think "damn they're small:("
I just need to be patient and keep myself busy. I've wanted this for so long, so I should be happy I have something cause I literally started with nothing haha. Here's some 1 week post op pics. My next post op appt is Thursday and I'm hoping my doc will allow me to at least walk on a treadmill. I mean, I walked for 3 hours at the zoo yesterday so it should be fine:)

2nd post op appointment

Today's appointment with Dr G went pretty well. He removed the steri strips from my incision sites and he said there's scabbing as expected, and no drainage. He said that he lowered my fold and made internal sutures to my ribs (sounds crazy) to prevent my implants from bottoming out. As my body accommodates the new crease, and the tissues stretch, the scar should flatten out. As for scar treatment, he wants me to hold off until the scabs have completely fallen off, and the scar has a pink color to it. So far, I've been using bio oil on my boobs to prevent stretch marks. Yesterday I purchased scar away sheets from target, which I probably won't be using for awhile.

As for swelling, I still have some in my sternum and on my sides. I was still tender when he pushed down on my right side. I told him I'm gonna be doing a 10k in January and he said I should be good to start training in December. As for now, I shouldn't be getting my heart rate up as it will cause me to swell more. I'm assuming I'll have to keep it low until my next post op appt which is Nov 29th. I've been given the okay to at least walk on the treadmill, so I'm excited about that haha.

Sleeping! Can't forget about that. I told him I wake up every morning in pain. Especially since my body finds its way down to a flat position and my boobs are aching from the implants. They feel as if they're getting pulled to the sides! He said I can sleep flat or upright, whichever way is more comfortable. I told him I've been having this pain in my hand. I don't really feel it in my arm which is weird but every now and then I get this ache in my hand and I have to open and close it to release the tension. He thinks it's positional. Either the way I'm sleeping or just from having a hunched back since I got these lady lumps. My neck has been hurting too, probably because I'm so hunched or that I've been sleeping upright, and those muscles are connected to our hands. He didn't seem too concerned about it, so he recommended continuing my arm stretches up in front of me and to the sides.

Hmm what else...No massaging since I got textured implants. And continue wearing my coobie and Hanes bras. At my next appt, we'll be talking about wearing regular bras again. I'm kind of curious to get sized at Victoria's Secret or Nordstrom's, but I think I'll wait another week to let the swelling die down haha. Here's some current photos!

2 weeks PO

Hey ladies!

Well I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my BA, but with every passing day I'm feeling better. I have stopped taking Valium as of last week (made me feel depressed after taking it) and the last time I used Percocet was a few days ago. I was hurting after just walking on the treadmill. I was getting muscle spasms on my right breast, ouch! The target sports bra I was wearing probably wasn't a good fit :( Other than that, pain isn't too bad. I feel a little soreness on my sides when I get up from lying down. And sometimes my boobs spasm out and harden up if I'm doing too much.

My boobs seem to be coming in closer together and they feel softer. They don't really move yet, but every now and then a sudden move kinda makes them move? I have no signs of rippling. My left seems to have dropped and fluffed a little more than my right side. As for the right hand pain I mentioned in the previous post, I still have it and it kinda gets me worried. I hope it's not a permanent thing, and that it'll pass as my right pec muscles relax with time. I noticed the pain is at its worst when I'm doing my arm stretches, but I'll be continuing to do this to help my muscles release.

I'm still sleeping upright and still waking up with morning boob (soreness and stiffness). It feels pretty bad initially, but as I wake up and stretch it subsides. I honestly don't think I'll allow myself to go back to work if I'm still waking up with it. I work 12 hour shifts 7a-7p as a nurse on a busy unit, so I want to make sure I feel close to 100% before I go back. How long did you ladies have to deal with morning boob?

I think my boobs are a bit hypersensitive so that's probably a good sign that I'm getting my sensation back. I can feel in both nipples if I scratch them with my nails. The bottom right boob is still numb. No signs of stretch marks at this point. I've been applying bio oil 1-2 times daily. My incisions are scabbed over at this point. They occasionally get itchy but not too much.

At this point, I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I'm excited to see how they will change as time goes on. My bf and I went to the Calvin Klein outlet and I was able to pick up some of these bras :)

3 Weeks PO

Hey ladies!

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks. Not much has changed really. I'm still on medical leave and decided to extend it for another week since my PS said I shouldn't be lifting until after 6 weeks PO. Im an RN on a busy unit and get total care patients, so I have to reposition them every 2 hours (crossing my fingers that they'll give me a light load when I come back). I'm afraid of hurting myself if I go back to work too soon when I'm still healing :/ I'm starting to get bored, but I honestly should enjoy peace and quietness before I get back to 12 hour shifts of busyness.

As for the girls, they seem to be dropping and getting softer. Meaning they give way when I poke on them but nothing more than that haha. I can't really squeeze them yet without feeling some discomfort. I'm still regaining sensation so they're pretty sensitive right now. My left bottom boob is still numb.

Still no signs of stretch marks. I'm applying bio oil at night. My scars look pretty good so far. They're still scabbed but some parts have fallen off.

I'm still having pain in my right hand up to my forearm and I'm scared about it. I told my doc about it on my 2nd PO appt and he didn't seem too concerned. He said it can be related to being hunched over (which I still catch myself doing) and the muscles in my back getting strained or tight, which leads down to my hand.

Range of motion is getting better. I can move my arms up pretty high now without feeling too much tightness. My right boob used to be really tight but it's not so bad. Maybe that means the soreness I feel in my arm will soon give way.

As for pain, I still have morning boob and kind of have to prepare myself to get up from bed. They're just so hard and sore in the morning but it doesn't last too long. How long did you ladies have to deal with this? I've been sleeping flat on my back and caught myself turning on my side during my sleep and it was painful. It still feels weird to lay on my side. It's like my implants are being pulled :/

At this point, I'm pretty happy with the results. I had boob greed in the beginning and I still have it every now and then, but I think my doc picked a good size for me. I just hope they don't shrink! Haha I've been around my friends and they haven't noticed. Not that I'm trying to keep it a secret, but I just don't feel like it's important to tell them I have fake tits now haha. I actually like that people don't notice. I would hate to be top heavy and look like I have two silicone bags on my chest! I feel like they still look pretty fake and they def have some dropping to do. My chest still feels tight and they can feel heavy if I'm cold or walking too much. It almost feels like I have two tennis balls on my chest. It's really weird.

Anyways, I'm rambling now haha. I actually got sized at VS the other day and the girl who sized me said I'm a 32D at this point and that I still have some dropping to do. She thinks I'll be a 32DD when I'm at my final stage. So crazy! I want to get sized at nordstrom's too.

Here's some pictures of what I look like now. My bf is out of town so I had to rely on the mirror haha

Sientra round textured cohesive gel, under muscle, dual plane, 400c bilaterally

I am currently obsessed with Harry Potter, so I decided to be him for Halloween hahaha

I went out with some friends and they didn't even notice (not the type to show off). I pretty much was covering them with my hair. I'm just a shy person and maybe once these babies settle, I'll be confident to show them off haha

I went out yesterday for taco Tuesday and my friend was asking me the last time I worked. I told her I was actually on medical leave for my boob job. She was like "whaaat? I thought your boobs looked bigger!" She wanted to feel them and she said they felt real! They are getting softer, so I can't wait for the final product! :)

32 DD so far

I love the VS lounge bra! And it was 50% off so I got two. I haven't been cleared to wear regular bras just yet, so I'll be wearing my coobies for now :)

Finally Had the Breast Augmentation I've Been Wanting for Years!

I have been happy with my results so far and I am excited to see the final outcome! This was a big decision I made for myself, and I am glad I chose to go through with it and have Dr. G be the one to perform this procedure on me. I waited 10 years to get this done, and I am pleased with the results so far. Take your time, interview as many doctors as you need to, and do your research. Good luck ladies!

4 weeks

Scars have been healing up nicely. I haven't started any treatments on them just yet. No signs of stretch marks, I'm still applying bio oil. No signs of rippling. Still waking up with morning boob which goes away in a few minutes. I get zapping sensations every now and then. Left bottom boob is less numb than my right boob. The pain in my right hand seems to be getting better so I'm really happy about that. I think my boobs are coming closer together? I hope! :)

2 months post op!

I haven't posted an update in such a long time! I'm feeling really good. My implants feel like they're a part of me and I no longer wake up with morning boob. Every now and then I'll get a random ache but it doesn't last long enough for it to be uncomfortable. I had my 3rd post op visit almost two weeks ago? And my ps said everything looks good and I can resume all activities and wear whatever bra my heart desires. I've gone a little cray with the VS bras. First there was Black Friday and then $35 on all bras yesterday. I never enjoyed shopping for bras until I got boobies haha.

Work has been good. I'm back to my full duties. However, I make sure I'm careful when repositioning patients. I started training for the Disney 10k and running actually feels okay. If I wear something too tight, that's when it starts to get uncomfortable. I just starting lifting weights the other day. The lat pull down felt super weird so I probably Won't be doing that again! Scars are doing well. I'm on week 6 of wearing ScarAway silicone sheets and I think they're doing a good job.

Here's some photos of what I'm looking like in bras. I'll add some pictures of my scars later :) hope you ladies are doing well!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. G takes his time with you to understand your goals, which I think is very important when it comes to plastic surgery. I never felt rushed during my consultation, preop, or follow up appointments. I chose him over 2 plastic surgeons because of this (one in Beverly Hills and another here in San Diego). I'm an RN so I appreciate physicians who take time with their patients, and Dr. G is one of them. I did not want the obvious augmented look, but still wanted a decent size. Before going into the OR, I told him I trusted his judgment and he delivered. I am 4 weeks post op and I am loving the results so far! They do have some dropping and fluffing to do, but those who I have told about my BA say they look natural and a perfect size for my frame. Eva made the process very smooth and has been available for any questions I have. Do yourself a favor and have a consultation with Dr. G. You won't be disappointed!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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