Bbl done satisfied but not ecstatic

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Hay eveyone after looking at thsi website I...

Hay eveyone after looking at thsi website I decided to talk about my journey looking and finding bbl doctor my body is not like it use to be and I want a better butt.I've looked at doctors in san diego but I think I was to go to doctor Pantoja in tj does anyone any other suggestions for a great doctor to get an hourglass I really want to go to be dramatically I will be posting pictures of the actual body for you guys to see.

Guess what

Hay ladies guess what am getting my bbl done jan 2 2015 yes I said that soon haven't wrote a lot on here but I finally decided to take my savings and get it done I deserve it on my 21st bday I cried my self to sleep I was fat and couldn't fit into nothing and my butt look super flat . So now I'm going to dr Charles j sarosy for my surgey in San Diego my total cost is. 5300 $ talk to me ladies what do u think about this doctor

Pics of my current body

He says he can put 700cc in each check

More current pics

So excited

So and a half until my surgery I've looked up research on my doctor before I picked him and I think I was just in a rush to pick a doctor because I finally had the courage to do it and I didn't want to back down like I always do ever he's
really nice I seen his results that were in office I seen other people
who recommended him so I know this is the doctor for me I'm taking a big leap of faith in him but I
need these is 2015 ladies if you don't feel good about your body then you can change it I am going to try to post as much videos as
possible. The surgery I'm also if you guys have any questions please let me know any of my BBL sisters please also let me know when do I need to do to prepare myself for the surgery I'm going to buy shower curtain is I'm going to buy bigger clothes and I also have to pay for my pain medication so I have to see how much that's going to be

Merry Xmas eve

So ladies I'm having 2nd thoughts on my surgery with dr charles because I still think I want to go with dr campos I live in sd and I could have drove across the border however I like both of thier results and we know dr campos results for the most part are crazy beautiful man delays delays I already gave the doc the money but I know I can get a refund I just dnt want spend the money and not get the results I want and my husband in the military so he so against me going across the border because he goes by the book and the military would not let him go over there . We'll tmrw Xmas I'm not going to stress myself on Friday I will get in to touch with the doc and explain more of my concerns I kno I should have pressed the issue when I got the consultation but I guess I was just over excited I wanna make sure before I get the survey I ask all the right questions

Another wish pic

This one is so right ????

It's early

I've still been doing my research ladies and I hope that this morning when I talk to dr Charles sarsoy reinsures I made the right choice I read my paper work and I hve week to cancel to get a full refund today is the week mark is today!! Omfg I need to make up my mind my husband thinks I'm crazy because I keep talking about dr campos in tj tbh he was very respectable when he quoted me the price yet when I tried to get in touch with them in late April it was damn near impossible I like Charles becAuse he seems easy to get to and his location and his nurses are so nice man but his work isn't as consistent as campos let me show you guys campos original quote
This is the estimate:
Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 3400
Fat grafting in to buttocks 800
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1200
Anesthesia Fee 400 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op Medication 125
Lymphatic massages (5) courtesy
Total 5545 usd I like eveything that came in the quote and it's just few hundred dallors more than dr sarsoy I'm by far not rich at all man if imma get it done I want it done right

Her projection from the side is amazing

Wish I could post sarsoy work

I wish I could post some of his work that is in his office however there is non online

Current body pics

Going to Wal mart

I'm going to Wal mart tomorrow probably to get some big dresses to wear and also some pillows tons of pillows some throw away shower curtains and some stuff to make my healing quicker hay ladies to guys have any suggestions I have went on some of your real self lady pages and screen shorted ur list. So I hope that helps me

Excuse my typos

Sometimes I'm to lazy to correct them other times I just dnt notice them sorry about that

My story needs to be told should have been told it

So here it is growing a had nice body but I never really cared about to much I would always cover or wore big clothes becuSe I was insecure later in the years I got even more insecure becuSe my boyf at the time got my best friend pregnat when he cheated on me now that drove me over the edge I ate so much for months and gain 40 PDs which left me 5'5 160 PDs after a while I got a pt and worked out daily and got back in shape and meet the man of my dreams I got married and got pregnate at four months I lost the baby that put me in a deep depression gaining almost 40pds they weight came off after a whole but my body was never the same right now I want to focus on me I feel as tho I need and want this more than ever I'm tired of depressioni ng shit happening and eating is how I deal with it recently my 21 birthday passed and I went to Miamiwith some friends keep in mind these friend are around the same age as me but thier bodies are perfect like my BFF her body is on Kim k status and she was naturally born that wAy I was the only one who didn't wear a bathing suit I was ashamed the whole trip I was depressed and now out now where I hve the courage to make a difference idk if this post is shallow contradicting or whatever but it's me my truth and I hope some of rs ladies can relate with me and feel my story because I have real teArs writing this I want to look better for myself and for my husband he Stuck with me thru all the bs and I want him to walk around with a bad bitch on his arm I know he says he loves me right now and I'm perfect the way I am and I live him for thT but I have to do what I have to do and trust me I know that this surgery is just a step in the right direction

This is what in aiming for

This is what I'm aiming for

Next Friday

So yesterday I went yo dr charles sarsoy office to voice my concerns and to maybe even cancel the appt and no one was there I'm assuming it was the day after Xmas so maybe they was closed however I would have like to have been informed about that anyways I know I should have voiced more of my opinion in the consultation but I was just so anxious to get a date however I wish I could speak with him I want more cc we settle on 700 cc but I think I wNt between 850-1100 cc I've seen the results of those and it's more fuller idk guess I hVe to wait til Monday

Ran into her profile

I would love to look this in a dress wow wonderful btw she went Cortez he did a great job

More wish pics

It's funny like I have this idea in my mind that I want my butt to look like this

Sorta wish pic

Just a lil smaller tho

Current butt

I know all the lol tricks to make my butt appear big in pics lol I hate that I want my butt just naturally fatt!

Wish pic stomach

Love her curves and hips to me I never really been into hips into I got on to rs and all u ladies talk about hips and all I ever wanted was some ass and a flat tummy but now I would not mind hips lol

Almost that time damn countdown

I'm so nervous yet anxious like I know this what I want still nervous about the pain and results


So I thought I would share my nightmare that I had last night. I got my Surgery and my stomach was kindof flat but my butt was deformed ughh it's so close the actually date that my nerves are bad everybody all excited for New Years eves and I'm just worried about if I picked the right daughter for this life changing sx it's crazy like I dnt wanna do nothing right now but be on real self researching post ops and pre ops and anything that u ladies have to say about bbl sx I get so many negative comments from other saying you guys stories are fake and that the pics are photoshop by doctors and blah blah I dnt believe that one bit mybe some but the majority can't be becuz I feel ur pain when u talk about ur bodies and post pics of ur pre op bodies the same embrasment that I feel cannot be faked or duplicated so it has to b real anyways gm

Had a nightmare

So I thought I would share my nightmare that I had last night. I got my Surgery and my stomach was kindof flat but my butt was deformed ughh it's so close the actually date that my nerves are bad everybody all excited for New Years eves and I'm just worried about if I picked the right doctor for this life changing sx it's crazy like I dnt wanna do nothing right now but be on real self researching post ops and pre ops and anything that u ladies have to say about bbl sx I get so many negative comments from other saying you guys stories are fake and that the pics are photoshop by doctors and blah blah I dnt believe that one bit mybe some but the majority can't be becuz I feel ur pain when u talk about ur bodies and post pics of ur pre op bodies the same embrasment that I feel cannot be faked or duplicated so it has to b real anyways gm SHOW LESS

Just thoughts

Sorry for my last post the spelling errors were bad so I reposted and now I can't delete the other one anyways I read a lot of you women posting about hips and stuff like that's not my main concern personally because I feel I like I can wAist train and my body would be fine however booty is wat I need sometimes I. Try on clothes the. I be like damn it would be nice if my booty was bigger and poked out or I try on some leggings and I have a big a pouch like ugh I just want. Flat tummy and big ass booty and some times hips gives the illusion of a bigger butt and so does thighs I have plenty of thighs lol

Ultimate wish pic

I know I always say that a wish pic is my fav but this one is perfect I would not mind this at all

More pre pics

To me it's important to post pre pics so I kno exactly where I came from and where I want to go I want results in my heArt I'm ready for anything because i kno nothing u goes my way yet I want to be so optimistic and be sure I get the right result I need to talk to dr sarsoy ASAP lol

More pre pics

More pre pics

Goodnight ladies

U ladies are sweet and so wonderful I swear xoxo thank you so much for the advice

Called dr sarsoy

So I called him this morning to reassure my decision and the nurse seem like she had an attitude with my questions so I ask her could I talk to him because obisvosuly she had no ideas what she was talking about and a lot of her answers were general and plain ass answers like smh this getting stressful

Tmrw is the day

Sorry haven't updated nothing hopefully I can update tmrw after the sx hope I'm not to weak anyways pray for me ladies

Post op

I Totaly see why you ladies don't post a lot after the post op it's so painful

The pain is real

I will post more pics tmrw

more pics

More pics

Wow aftercare no joke

I'm feeling so light headed and dizzy man and my legs hurt too I called dr sarsoy office he told me to come in but I can't because my husband at work so I'll hopefully go tmrw everything looks fine and I be been walking to the bathroom by myself but on the second day I had an accident on myself I was so pissed at my husband because he was off but snuck off to the store leaving me helpless I'm still swollen and still have discomfort sleeping I like my right now results but I can't wait for the final ones

Flat tummy yummy

Struggle to take a good ass pic lol

My video before is was up

I'm very swollen mines not to think about the results right now because I don't want to upset myself I wish my butt was bigger i'm going to give it time I hope that it comes out perfect

Please help !!

Today is day five man I had to sit when I drove to get some good and pay some bills because my husband went out to sea please ladies I need answers did that just mess up my bbl by sitting and driving for 15-20 mins

6 days post op

Okay finally writing my true thoughts on this experience

Okay so my surgery was January 2 my hubby was late to pick me up so we ended up being late to the doctors office. We got to dr sarsoy office around 9:15 am soon as we got in so to undress The doctor could mark the spots I wanted done . Dr sarsoy came in mark the spots I told and he told me that 700 cc should be enough be would try to do as much as possible for 5 thousand dollars he better I thought . I wanted to back out the whole thing a few days before just because I wanted a phat ass and I didn't no if he could give me that. However I think sarsoy got that I wanted a big booty. Once he leaves the nurse comes in the room and explains to me for some odd reason that I'm not getting implants and that some women have an expectation to get a really big butt and then get disappointed with the results right there piss me off it's like what I'm getting I'm getting a fat transfer if you guys get enough that they my booty will be fat I don't understand why she felt the need to tell me that . My hubby could see that I was pissed off. Like it made me think wow I get out this surgery and nothing has changed other going to say is I told you that it's not going to be that big because it's just a fat transfer like you understand they were trying to make it seem like always you know I don't come out with a big but then it's not their fault because it's just contouring and not implants. Anyways I ended on the surgery table that was the last thing I rembr. Then I work up with my husband standing over me . I could tell he had been crying . Which I mediately made me think something was wrong however the dr said everything went right and husband keep saying how big my boot looked lol. My husband drove us home while I was in the back seat laying on my belly not in pain still high off the meds . Oh I forgot when I woke up dr sarsoy was no where to be found and I didn't find out how much cc until I made the nurse go look for him and he told her 750cc each cheek. Like ladies I really wish I would have went to campos or Cortes or fisher or who ever so I could get the 1100cc u wanted I knew no matter how big my butt look It would go down only 750cc what a joke .

So the next few days were super stressful . I was in constant pain I mean constant . I keep saying why did I do this to myself like this is so dumb man it's not worth. My husband went back to wrk the next day so yes ladies I was on my own and it sucked I peed on myself twice because I couldn't make it to the bathroom . On the third day I got a real good look at my body and fell in love omg my tummy was flat my body yet not as big as my other bbl sisters was still a nice size . I only worry is that it will go down I think it's already losing volume I'm just keeping faith them up but stays the size it is now because it's pretty nice size I do wish that my hips were smaller but I wish a lot of things I'm happy that I came out of the surgery alive healthy no infections I am officially on day eight. Have to tell you ladies like prepare yourself for this .

Love my flat tummy

Sorry it's been forever !

Sorry for not posting pics or update major update coming up soon love you ladies :)

One month post op good bad ugly lol

Okay ladies here my one month post op now like I said I choice dr sarsoy in San Diego and if I had to do it all over I would chose him again he literally five mins away from my house so after the surgery if I had any questions are concern I would pop up at his office . Now I wasn't in love with my results right after especially not my butt but ladies it is true some women but not all your butt does get bigger as it drops. Let me tell you ladies I think getting so much attention left and right and to keep in my mind my butt is not as big as some of yours I can only imagine how it is for women with the bigger donks that I wanted to get . Do I still want a bigger butt? Ofcourse who doesn't but I love the butt dr sarsoy gave me becuZ he wasn't selling dreams he have it to like it was and promise he would do his best and fat stuck . I guess my body just takes in fat good shot it better since I gain weight so easily lol. I think for me the first three days were the worst . on the fifth day I was up moving stuff around doing a lot which I really wasn't supposed to be doing . However when I went to the doctor for my week check up he told me I recovered faster than anybody he seen and that all my scars were healed in like the fat took so good. I thought that I would be one of the people who don't have like a horror story to tell you guys because I've always had the worst luck with things. I'm blessed to have had a good experience and I'm also blessed to have found this website because if you would've asked me for five years ago what I go through with the surgery I would've told you hell no. Before the surgery I was a little nervous because I was reading a lot of reviews about the fat not taking and I didn't want it all to be for nothing I didn't wanted to be any extreme difference but I wanted it to be enough to where I was happy about my body and happy about how I look . My have to do like another long review because I wanted to tell you ladies about me and my husband and how we're doing and how since the surgery we've had ups and downs were making it through though but I wanted to get into details about that but it seems like this is going to be so long. Oh I also wanted to tell you ladies about experience what I'm having where people are calling my butt fake to be honest it doesn't like fake it looks like a real natural juicy booty and I've had three occasions where it's been called fake to me is not even that big! so I don't even know where their getting this from it's been random people mostly females that I get the hate from because their boyfriend or significant others are looking at me. Let me make this clear if your not happy with your body don't hate on someone else who had the cougar to make a change whether it's surgery or exercise or however they do it. Not even kidding you I felt like it in the surgery was my only choice like I'm not like some of you women where I was like I'm okay with my body I literally hated my body before and dr sarsoy really made such a big difference .

Supplies . Pain . Etc

Okay so I have people messaging me about what did I use to heal the pain I'm just going to do a real quick review. I use cocoa butter I use anti-clean wipes to wipe you know my incision. I also used arnicare that a lot women posted . However for for faja I bought a spandex one from Wal mart . Be honest after the surgery I didn't have any money I put everything into the surgery I do not recommend doing that because some of these things you really do need . Overall I survived it with so little I mean I bought a whole bunch of pillows and that's what I was sleeping on with pillows now the sleeping part let me tell you that has to be the worst I still do not sleep on my buttt I still barely sit on my butt I'm so scared for my butt to disappear I feel like it's will disappear sometimes I wake up in the morning I'll look at my butt likes gone or you know I feel that way and I think I feel that way because as a woman going to the surgery we just want it to be worth it. I've also had a comment that I don't go in to detail enough about my reviews but to be honest I feel like I do like I'm giving you guys my truth and I don't know how more detailed I could be some people are just more detailed than others I really want to help as many women as I can because there's so many reviews that I've spent hours and hours and hours and hours looking at the help me so much that I want to make sure that I'm give me the best review possible I haven't been on here in probably over a month or a little less than a month but I'll try to change that .


Belly pic

Not sure

Okay so like I said my butt isn't as big as I wanted and that the butt that I have right now I am statisfied with it just scared it might go down however I would recommend dr sarsoy to anyone he gave me a body ten times better then I had before he was completely honest with me even though he quiet and straight to the point lol I would go back for more lipo but if I decide to get a bbl I diffently goin to someone who specializes in bbls. And can give me the exact or close the exact butt I want . Overall I'm statisfied it's on the ninth day I think and there so much swelling so u don't no the exact results yet. But for ladies in San Diego who don't want to go across the border and want a reasonable price for good work I would say go to dr sarsoy . We are our worst critics people keep asking what workouts I'm doing because I look so good so maybe it's just Im to hard on my self . Anyway back to the dr sarsoy his office is clean , most of nurses are so sweet , the follow up is nice they call and check up on you thought that was sweet. Overall I give them a four .

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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