October 1st 2012: Cellulaze and Smartlipo with Dr. Petti

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Hi there, I'm in San Diego and I went to the...

Hi there,

I'm in San Diego and I went to the only doctor who does it here. So far, he said he's done a handful (mostly his staff). I need the front, back, some of the side and half of my butt done. The gave me a quote of 11K (they said down from 15K). Is this completely ridiculous? I know I have a lot of areas, but still. I'm 5'7", 135 lbs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I also have a consult with Dr. Petti in Torrance and will be scheduling one with Dr. Springer soon.

I've scheduled my Cellulaze with Dr. Petti on...

I've scheduled my Cellulaze with Dr. Petti on October 1st and will be documenting my journey here. A little history: I've had lipo a few times starting in my early 20s, when I was young and stupid. I went to Mexico and got lipo that left me lumpy and (what I feel like) disfigured on the front, back and sides of my thighs. The lipo lumps are a main concern, as is regular ol' cellulite that I've noticed since the age of 15. In fact, there's a dimple that I noticed on my first day of 10th grade AND I STILL HAVE IT! I'm 37 now, 5'7", approx. 138 lbs, work out regularly, but not maniacally.

I went to see a doctor here in San Diego, but it became apparent he had only done a handful of cases (mostly his staff) and was charging an exorbitant amount. I had a consult with Dr. Petti in Torrance, who was one of the doctors in the clinical trials and I felt confident in her ability, so I have my Cellulaze and some Smart Lipo for contouring scheduled for October 1st, so I can have some time to heal before Christmas (and so I can hopefully wear dresses or skirts above the knee for the first time in years!).

Dr. Petti will be doing the front above my knees, the back almost all the way down to my knees, the sides (which are a big lumpy post-lipo mess).

I'll keep everyone updated, and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

I had Cellulaze and Smartlipo on Monday, October...

I had Cellulaze and Smartlipo on Monday, October 1st with Dr. Petti in Torrance, one of the trial doctors. I went with her because of her experience and because I had a lot of scar tissue and lumpiness due to previous liposuction done in Mexico over 10 years ago. I had the front, back, sides and half of my buttocks done. The lipo was done on my knees, sides and banana roll. I was put under due to the extensive work done. I'm now four days out and still very bruised and swollen, though the swelling has gone down somewhat.

I'm wearing the foam pads on the front and back of my legs, making me look like I've gained 25lbs overnight, and the doctor wants me to wear them for two weeks! This is the part that sucks, because I can't really hide them. They even show under really baggy pants, skirts.

At any rate, I hope this works, since I haven't been able to wear shorts/skirts above my knees due to worsening cellulite above my knees. Forget about bathing suits! If I get a 50% improvement, I'll be happy. I'm 37, 5'7" 140lbs, work out regularly, but not maniacally.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will update my review to worth it when I feel it was worth it. It's still too early to tell.

Hi! I'm almost three weeks out, and while I look...

Hi! I'm almost three weeks out, and while I look smoother in some areas, some areas (specifically under my butt and on my butt) are still a little lumpy looking, but my doctor said this is the lumpy stage w uneven swelling resolution. My bruising is 75% resolved, but I have that dark mottled undertone, which is that hemo staining. After some research, I ordered a post-op vitamin k clearing cream, just to see if it will help. I still have to wear the compression garnent for another three weeks, especially since i got some smart lipo at the same time. Please ask me any questions!

Disappointed and sad at Smart Lipo/ Cellulaze results and at Dr.'s response

Hi y'all,

I really hope this helps some people. I went in for my almost 1-year follow up appointment and have to say I'm disappointed not only by my Cellulaze results (very modest improvement), but mostly by my uneven Smart Lipo results, which left me lumpy and uneven on my thighs (mostly right). The residual swelling I had at prior follow-up appointments hid the uneveness and little Cellulaze results, but at 1-year, there's no more swelling.

My issues:
1. Smart Lipo: very noticeable unevenness (a scooped-out look on the lower inner thighs), indentations (on my right front thigh, side of right thigh and a HUGE indentation below my right butt cheek).
2. Modest Cellulaze results: butt still very dimpled, front of thighs ok, but I still can't wear anything above my knees due to Smart Lipo unevenness.
3. When having brought this to the Dr.'s attention, she became defensive, blaming me for previously having lipo and for having gained four pounds since last follow-up - never mind I was on my period and had been increasing my weight lifting at the gym.
4. She offered to "fix" the issues that SHE created, but would charge me the OR fee (inflated from OR fee for original surgery, which I PAID 11K FOR) of over 3K.

Very, very disappointed in how this was handled. Should have listened to my gut during consult which told me these people were phony-nice and just wanted to make a sale.

Stay away from this doctor. As you see, she has many bad reviews all over the net, most of the warranted.
Now I have to find someone to fix Dr. Petti's mistake. Very disappointed.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

She was in the clinical trials. No one in my area (San Diego) was experienced enough for me to feel comfortable. Too bad the results were subpar.

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