No Need for a Facelift.... Love Juvederm!

I lost 10lbs recently and on my small frame that...

I lost 10lbs recently and on my small frame that was a considerable amount of weight. Now in my 30's my skin and body didn't bounce back as it did in my 20's. My face lost a lot of volume and my nasolabiol folds were very defined, loss of volume to my cheeks and undereyes which were dark and hollow. A plastic surgeon told me that I should get a mini facelift which made me sad to think that I needed one so early in life. Read more about Juvederm and went to my dr that does my botox and he pointed out the same points that needed addressing but said he could fix them with Juvederm.

He added volume to my cheek bone area, fixed the nasolabiol folds, filled in the undereyes (very small amount) and the frown line that I try to fix with botox that never goes away. It took 30 mins and Botox hurts more than Juvederm. It's more of a numbing sensation than pain. I was a little red in the injected areas for about an hour and then out and about with no makeup on. It is sore for about 24 hours not painful and I had no bruising othen than the punture points by my eyes that looks like a small blemish.

Very happy with the results and I look like I did in my 20's!!! I let the Dr and his experience take control after I told him the results that I needed to make me feel good and he knows what I needed to bring back the youthful look bad.

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