Dysport in Glabella As Preventative (And to Tone Down Very Expressive/furrowed Brows) 30 Years Old - San Antonio, TX

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I think Dysport is a a great way to dip your toe...

I think Dysport is a a great way to dip your toe into cosmetic procedures. In the hands of a good injector (a DOCTOR preferably) it is basically no big deal. For me, it was 20 minutes of waiting for numbing cream to kick in, then it was five quick pokes above and between the eyebrows. I received 60 units to the glabella. Swelling was negligible, and I had no redness -- and I have very sensitive skin that bruises easily.

As for the "Why" of the procedure: I had maybe one faint horizontal line on my forehead, which didn't bother me, though I'd like to minimize wrinkles in the future. But what's just as important is that I have a very expressive face and I frown a LOT when I'm concentrating or driving. It definitely has affected my interactions at work. A coworker once commented that he could tell my brother and I were related because we "make the same faces." I was a little disappointed to hear my brother respond, "So, either distant or pained?"

That said, I LOVE what Dysport has done for me with just 60 units. I noticed effects in 24 hours, and a huge difference after three days.

If I had one complaint, it's how long it lasts. I waited four months for a touch up, but the effects were all but gone after three. Thankfully it's inexpensive enough that I don't mind budgeting for it every few months.
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