23 Years Old, 0 Kids, Breast Lift AFTER Implants - San Antonio, TX

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Hey ladies! Well, to start off, I always hated my...

Hey ladies! Well, to start off, I always hated my breasts. I was always active in school but due to birth control and eating habits my weight fluctuated a lot. I got implants 2 ½ years ago because I was uncomfortable with the shape and the fact that my right breast was so much bigger than the other. I got about 300cc silicon in both, so I still had the size difference. I gave them enough time to settle but I realized it was a lift that I was going to have to get in order to fix the problems I had. I got the lift exactly 2 ½ years to date after my implants.

Day 3 post op

So, i'm pretty much off the pain pills. The first day was the worst but i've pretty much been sleeping all day and night since then. Here's my before and day 1 post op pic!

Day 4 post op

Hey ladies! I'm officially off the pain meds. just taking some ibuprofen here and there. I'm experiencing minimal bruising, mostly green and yellow but no purple or black. I'm pretty itchy and annoyed of wearing this compression bra. I don't feel like I'm very swollen. I'm ready to take this tape off and heal already!!

post op day 5


i've been pretty active in the past few days. just walking around and doing things around the house. after doing that i find myself getting some slight heavier pain than what i wake up with. Kind of a shooting or throbbing pain. i'm able to sleep on my side now but still try to sleep on my back.

Even with the swelling, I feel like i've gone down almost a cup size. I'm happy about it though, I felt as if my boobs had gotten too big after the implants. Now they are higher up, closer together, and a much better smaller size. I'll post another picture on my 1 week update!

day 5 in the compression bra


HELP! any good tips on itching? i can't tell if it's the sugery bra or just my boobs in general but OMG they're so itchy and i don't want to get stretch marks or anything else. i've tried lotion, but has anyone used anything different that's helped them?

1 week

still itchy from this tape. I think my dr said i could take it off if it was bothering me but i was on pain killers and can't remember so i'll find out on thursday what i can do. here's my 1 week results. my right one is still slightly bigger than my left but that was expected. they're starting to drop a bit. i still feel like my stomach is swollen and i've still been sleeping a lot. besides that, not much going on.


dr said i could take off the tape. now i'm scared. lol. i'll update when i get it off.


sooo. i took the tape off last night and cried because of the scariness underneath. i looked at more people's reviews and realized it looks completely normal for what i had done but i don't think i was prepared to see my own boobs like that. anyone else felt that way :(

frankenboob pt. 2

left boob/ right boob

2 weeks

Had my 2 week appt yesterday. dr says i'm healing great. still trying to figure out how to get the tape residue off. but here's my 2 week update!


slowly starting to drop

close up on vertical incisions

sorry for the bad lighting, but i noticed the incisions are healing nicely and in a straight line. the ones around my nipple are not as caught up in the healing process yet but the vertical ones are looking great already!
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