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I was so skinny and flat chested that at 21 yrs...

I was so skinny and flat chested that at 21 yrs old it seemed like a great idea to get implants. I went to Dr. Michael Eisemann in Houston, TX and got under the muscle and 365-395 cc implants. I loved them for several years. Then I either finally noticed the capsular contracture or it got worse. I went back to Dr. Eisemann and other than telling me that yes I did have capsular contracture in both breasts he didn't seem interested. I think at that point I first began to think about getting them out.
Then I gained about 35 pounds. Since I am almost 6' tall, I think I look a lot healthier than I did before anyway. But my breasts exploded! They went from a C/D to an F/G. On the plus side I have breast tissue now but they are way too big. My neck and shoulders hurt all the time. I have to carefully choose my clothes to cover up. Everything is about dressing to minimize and even then I always feel uncomfortable. I have desperately wanted them out for a year now. I hope that in the next few months I will be able to do the surgery. I want them removed without a lift. My pick right now is Dr Gary Lawton in San Antonio, TX.
I can't believe what I have done to myself. I constantly am aware of them and they truly feel like foreign objects (gee which they are). I have to wear sports bras all the time. They feel tight and tingly/throbbing and hard. I can't escape feeling them and thinking about them all the time. I just want every trace of them out of me and whatever happens after that has to be better than this.
I will post pre pictures soon. I just wanted to get this into words. A bit of a weight off my chest...
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